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SCI Railindex

The business climate in the railway industry

The index is based on approximately 100 reports from representative companies in the global rail industry that assess their current business situation and expectations for the coming six months.

On a quarterly basis, the companies rate their situation as "good" "satisfactory" or "bad" and differentiate their business expectations according to the criteria "favourable", "stable" or "unfavourable".

SCI Global Rail Index III/2021

Global procurement crisis reaches railway industry and slows down positive business development

Shortages of raw materials and components, overpriced trade routes and interrupted transport routes - global supply chains have been in a state of emergency for months. The consequences are now also being felt by the rail industry and are reflected in the current SCI RAIL BUSINESS INDEX - a regular survey of top managers in the global rail industry by the consultancy company SCI Verkehr. How quickly can the bottlenecks be eliminated? What alternatives are developing and what are the consequences for industry and service providers? Although the assessment of the current business situation remains positive, the unbalanced supply chains make the managers surveyed more skeptical about the coming quarter.

SCI Global Rail Index III/2021




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