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SCI Railindex

The business climate in the railway industry

The index is based on approximately 100 reports from representative companies in the global rail industry that assess their current business situation and expectations for the coming six months.

On a quarterly basis, the companies rate their situation as "good" "satisfactory" or "bad" and differentiate their business expectations according to the criteria "favourable", "stable" or "unfavourable".

SCI Global Rail Index IV/2020

The rail industry is entering the new year with optimism

The SCI Rail Business Index recovered in the 4th quarter of 2020 and, despite the turbulent year, ends up at the same level as in the beginning of 2020.

Although many world regions have imposed lockdowns again due to the high COVID-19 infection figures, the rail industry is looking positively towards the coming year (as of November 2020). This is shown by the current SCI RAIL BUSINESS INDEX - a regular survey of the top managers of the global rail industry by the consulting company SCI Verkehr.

Despite the massive slump in the SCI Business Index in the first half of 2020 due to the global COVID-19 crisis, the level has recovered at the end of the year. Both in terms of the current business situation and the demand for products and services and also with regard to expectations for the coming quarter, the assessments of the global top managers have improved. On average, the respondents indicate that they estimate a decline in incoming orders of around 10% for 2020, but expect incoming orders to grow again by around 13% in 2021. Digitisation and the expansion of production capacities were named as the most important strategic goals for 2021.

SCI Global Rail Index IV/2020



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