Process Optimisations

SCI Verkehr supports companies in change processes like Operational Excellence, implementation of new procedures as well as in developing and implementing new process structures. Besides inefficiencies within established structures, the dynamic digitisation is a main driver here.

Project examples

  • Supporting the reorganisation of the group strategy of a freight transport company

    Customer: European rail freight operator

    SCI Verkehr is supporting a leading European freight transport company in the reorganisation of its corporate strategy. In the process, all relevant internal and external factors for all forms of production in rail freight transport are examined and subjected to a strategic review. The aim is to redesign selected areas of the company in order to achieve greater economic efficiency and resilience. 

  • Evaluation of different effects of Digital Automatic Coupling (DAK) on the performance of rail freight traffic

    Customer: Railway undertaking

    On behalf of a railway undertaking, SCI Verkehr is analysing the effects of the introduction of Digital Automatic Coupling (DAK) on the performance of rail freight transport. As part of a meta-study, SCI Verkehr summarises the results of various studies on the DAK and its effects in line and shunting operations and evaluates them with regard to an increase in capacity after the successful migration of the DAK after 2030.

  • Supporting the restructuring of a leading European rail freight company

    Customer: European rail freight company

    A leading European rail freight company has to reorganize itself completely in terms of profitability, efficiency and reliability. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to support the restructuring process actively and to bring in expertise in railway operation, processes and strategy. Focus is also put on close involvement in terms of co-determination.

  • Process and organizational consulting in IT


    A global player in the beverage industry is planning to restructure its IT and support departments and subsequently establish them in Europe. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to review and further develop this strategy, and to accompany the negotiations with the employee representatives.

  • Supporting the restructuring of a leading European rail freight company

    Customer: European rail freight company

    A leading European rail freight company has to reorganize itself completely in terms of profitability, efficiency and reliability. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to support the restructuring process actively and to bring in expertise in railway operation, processes and strategy. Focus is also put on close involvement in terms of co-determination .

  • Strategic concept freight wagon division

    Customer: Railway operator

    SCI Verkehr supports a leading railway operator in the conceptual reorganisation of essential parts of rail freight transport. For this purpose, available concepts are reviewed and new approaches to advancing this field of business are developed and evaluated. It is aimed at achieving higher efficiency in this segment by reorganising responsibilities and processes in production and sales.

  • Strategic realignment of leading European freight railway

    Customer: Leading European freight railway

    The commissioning railway company active in European rail freight transport is in an economically strained situation with clearly decreasing market shares, declining transport services and unsatisfactory performance. Defined objectives of the company are to increase production stability, reorganise operations of sales and production as well as increasing productivity and economic improvement of selected areas of operation. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to monitor and accompany the process as expert consultant.

  • Bid management maintenance services

    Customer: International maintenance provider for rolling stock

    SCI Verkehr supported an international maintenance provider for rolling stock and components with regards to bid management for services in the external market. This included conceptual, economic and editorial assistance in the context of tender preparation as well as operational and organisational support in the bid process.

  • Supporting changes in a production company

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    In the context of restructuring, a global enterprise in the food industry intends to close a logistics site and several production sites in Germany as well as to reorganise further core departments. SCI Verkehr surveys the plans and supports the process of negotiating a reconciliation of interests. Also, alternative scenarios are developed and moderated in this context.

  • Project management reorganisation sales

    Customer: International transport company

    On behalf of an international transport company, SCI Verkehr took on the management of a project entailing reorganising the sales department. The project is aimed at developing a uniform sales organisation as well as professionalising the public image. SCI Verkehr supports the customer in organising the project and in terms of content-related sparring.

  • Application for rail sidings subsidies

    Customer: Medium-sized forwarding company

    A medium-sized forwarding company is planning to extend its existing railways siding and to improve it by setting up a handling hall. In order to construct these facilities, the company will seek governmental subsidies from the sidings track support programme of the Federal Republic of Germany. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to take a leading part in supporting the company´s application.

  • Support tram tender

    Customer: Rolling stock manufacturer

    SCI Verkehr supported an Asian manufacturer of rolling stock in a European tram tender process. This included an analysis of the tender documents and preparatory background talks as well as the recommendation of a suitable product and project strategy.

  • Development of intermodal transport terminal

    Customer: Engineering firm

    A Dutch logistics group is interested in setting up a terminal for road/rail transfer. The terminal focuses on seaport hinterland traffic of North Sea ports. SCI Verkehr was tasked with testing the feasibility in cooperation with partners (with special regard to rail connectivity) and working out a grant application according to the intermodal transport guidelines

  • Organizational change of a nationwide logistics organisation

    Customer: Global player of the beverage industry

    A global player of the beverage industry wants to standardize the management structures of its German logistics centres and make them sustainable. In the course of an implementation project in two pilot regions in Germany, SCI Verkehr analysed the current organizational structure and executed the migration into a new, homogenous structure. All steps were undertaken in cooperation with all relevant management levels as well as employee representation. Following the project, this structure is to be transferred to the remaining five German regions.

  • Drafting and compilation of a bid for local transport service

    Customer: International transport company

    On behalf of an international transport company, SCI Verkehr has developed and compiled a bid for services in local rail passenger transport in southern Germany. In addition, SCI Verkehr was responsible for organisation and bid management.

  • Reorganisation of logistical and administrative processes at storage facilities

    Customer: Commercial company

    An important German commercial company gradually bundled its storage structures (five locations) into one central company unit. Within the course of the integration of the fourth location into the new structures, administrative and logistical processes had to be standardised and prepared for a later ISO certification. SCI Verkehr has organised an operational excellence process with management, local managers and staff to develop the best possible solution for the organisation. In this process new standardised procedures have been developed, documented and then introduced as compulsory. SCI Verkehr has overseen the implementation of the new working methods at several locations on-site.

  • Model development bonus for drivers

    Customer: Beverage logistics company

    [in metres] and concrete-catenary poles [in units] in Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden by 2020 as a foundation for a reliable strategic planning.

  • Support in restructuring process in rail freight transport

    Customer: Market-leading freight transport company

    Against the background of the global economic and financial crisis, a short-term need for a reaction and restructuring arose for a leading company in the freight transport sector. SCI Verkehr GmbH supported the client as a professional expert in close consultation with management. We reviewed the measures developed, compiled alternative scenarios and provided professional support in the negotiations.

  • Support in compiling an offer for the rout—related tender of local rail transport services in the Bielefeld region (North Rhine Westphalia)

    Customer: Stadtentwicklungsbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg

    SCI Verkehr has supported a railway transport company in compiling a competitive wettbewerbsfähigen transport offer. We have compiled of all important documents as well as a marketing-strategic consultancy for compiling the offer. The client has been awarded the contract.

  • Optimization of the Land-Sea Interface as part of a maritime network group


    Investigation on behalf of the SH Technology Foundation

  • Preparation of bidding documents for tenders in eastern Germany

    Customer: Commuter rail operator

    SCI Verkehr supported the transport company in the conceptual and practical preparation of two commuter rail bids in eastern Germany. The services ranged from the development and assessment of a vehicle concept to conceptual, technical and editorial support to operational and organisational support.

  • Expert support for planned logistical changes

    Customer: Midsized brewery

    A midsized brewery planned to make comprehensive changes to its logistical structures based upon the expertise of an external advisor. This mainly concerned the warehouses at the production site. SCI Verkehr carried out a cross-check of the assumptions and calculations. Furthermore, SCI Verkehr accompanied the dialogue process between the works council and management on the basis of a technical expertise.

  • Supporting the joint works council in site changes

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    Against the background of changing markets, production volumes and internal logistical flows, a short-term need for a reaction and restructuring arose for a leading company in the food industry, especially with regard to its site structure. SCI Verkehr GmbH supported the employee representatives as a professional expert in close consultation with management. The individual proposals for change were reviewed conceptually and carried out on site.

  • Implementation and monitoring of structures and processes in a workshop

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    Following an analysis carried out by SCI Verkehr of existing structures and processes in one of the client?s workshops, the first changes to the structures at the site have been initiated. The next task for SCI Verkehr was to operationally implement the processes in some areas, change them in a sustainable manner and coach a newly hired workshop manager in his role.

  • Preparation of a bid for commuter rail transport in northern Germany

    Customer: Railway company

    SCI Verkehr supported the railway company in the strategic and operational preparation of a bid for transport services in northern Germany. The objective was to submit an attractive, innovative and reasonably priced bid for rail services. SCI Verkehr performed the conceptual and technical planning, the editorial preparation and operational and organisational support.

  • Supporting a work group on changes to the production and logistics infrastructure

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    Changes in the client?s product and packaging mix led to an open discussion about the site structure in both production and logistics. Not only the future scale and location of the sites were up for discussion, but also the issue of the function of individual areas of production and logistics. SCI Verkehr hosted the dialogue between the employees and employer on these matters and incorporated its experience in supporting site changes into the discussion process.

  • Implementation of operational excellence project in logistics

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    In autumn 2008, a client from the food industry carried out a wide-reaching operational excellence project at one of its sites. In this project, the production and logistics (warehousing and distribution) systems were examined and various changes resolved. One of the main changes to the logistics system was an optimisation of loading during the night. SCI Verkehr supported the implementation of the changes, also operationally, and held several meetings on location in order to ensure the sustainability of the process changes.

  • Restructuring logistical processes at a production site

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    Our client took over a site previously operated by a service provider and at the beginning of 2008 integrated it into its network of sites across Germany. This integration included major changes to the processes and the IT system which had to be adapted to the requirements of the new owner. At the same time, the production and distribution volume increased substantially, as well as production exchange with other sites. These changes led to overworking and uncertainty among staff and consequently considerable deficits in the site?s performance. Within the scope of the "operational excellence" process, SCI Verkehr led and accompanied the modelling of new logistical processes with staff and company management. The consultancy process focused on using the existing employee know-how in order to achieve a higher level of acceptance for the necessary changes and thus a sustainable improvement of performance. Following SCI Verkehr?s ?Operational Excellence Tool?, the staff were involved in reviewing the current situation and developing improved processes in accordance with a tried and tested process. In addition, the task involved coaching the logistical managers at the site and thus cementing the new structures.

  • Supporting a terminal operator in its appeal against the rejection of an application for funding

    Customer: Terminal operator

    An application for funding by a midsized intermodal terminal operator was rejected by the authorisation authority responsible. SCI Verkehr advised the client on all important aspects of the upcoming appeal proceedings and prepared the reasoning for the appeal. Furthermore, in order to develop a strategy with optimum chances of success, SCI Verkehr gathered additional information on the chances of success of the proceedings and on the optimum course of action by means of background discussions in political circles.

  • Process optimisation at a logistics site

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    A central production and logistics site of our client showed ongoing logistical deficits: long waiting and processing times for lorries and out-of stock situations affected the performance of the site. At the same time, the client intended to integrate a smaller site from the local area, in order to raise the performance of the site concerned. SCI Verkehr was commissioned by the company management to analyse the main hurdles for a better performance of the site, present ways for improvement and, in cooperation with the company, implement the required measures. The main aim was to accelerate processing times. For this purpose it was necessary to remodel the logistical processes, together with staff on site. As part of an "operational excellence process", the consultancy and support from SCI Verkehr largely aimed towards activating employee expertise at the site. In this way, the upcoming changes in staffing were communicated and established, enabling sustainable optimisation of processes.

  • Investigation of site closures

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    With the objective of realising rationalisation potential in distribution and warehousing, our client planned to consolidate three logistics sites into one central location near to production. In order to achieve this, the existing logistics site had to be restored using construction measures. SCI Verkehr as a neutral expert was involved in the decision-making process with regard to necessary investments and performed a cross checking of assumptions and calculations made. The expert's report focused on the personnel and investments required.

  • Restructuring of workshop flows

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    When centralising three workshops into one new site, our client had not implemented an active change management strategy. The processes and areas of work taken over from the old locations led to a significant drop in output at the new site. First of all, SCI Verkehr analysed and documented the existing workflows in a task force including management and the works council. At the same time, the team from SCI Verkehr identified and initiated necessary changes and oversaw the implementation on site. The aim of the project was to introduce staff to the new conditions in order to establish the adapted working areas and processes for the long term.

  • Process improvements in production

    Customer: Midsized producer in the food industry

    A midsized company in the food industry had to generate significant savings in the production processes in order to remain competitive in the market. SCI Verkehr identified saving potential in production and hosted the subsequent dialogue between the works council and management.

  • Future workshop logistics

    Customer: Global player in the food industry

    The works committee and logistics management of a global player in the food industry intended to initiate an open dialogue about the future optimisation of logistical processes with external support. By conducting talks with both sides, SCI Verkehr prepared the dialogue, hosted the meetings of a joint working group and provided specialist input with the aim of developing a common perception of the logistical future of the company.

  • Assistance in realising a pilot project in the field of electronic ticketing

    Customer: Midsized railway technology company

    Our client had developed an innovative system for electronic fare management, which it wished to have tested in practice. In addition, the acceptance of the company was necessary as well as funding. SCI Verkehr took part in the project and assisted the client in quickly satisfying the necessary requirements for using the system in commercial operation.

  • Model corridor Rotterdam - Genoa

    Customer: Global player in the rail industry

    The Rotterdam - Genoa axis is going to be developed into the first major European corridor to use ETCS/ERTMS. SCI Verkehr assisted a leading industrial company in developing the research project for testing ETCS/ERTMS. We analysed the assistance criteria and evaluated them for the concrete project concept, we identified and brought in project partners, compiled the necessary application documents and accompanying documents in cooperation with the client and ensured communication with funding institutions.

  • Consultancy services for negotiations regarding follow-up infrastructure contract

    Customer: Industrial company

    The contract between DB Netz AG and an industrial company concerning the operation of a siding was unilaterally terminated and is going to be replaced by a new agreement to terms in line with the market. SCI Verkehr advised the siding operator on all technical and strategic issues, independently conducted the dialogue with DB Netz AG, reviewed all essential documents and took part in the official negotiations for the contract.

  • Improvement of logistics processes at a site in Baden-Württemberg

    Customer: Global player in the beverage industry

    A global player in the beverage industry is looking to optimise its logistics processes at a combined production and logistics site in Baden-Württemberg. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to re-work storage processes and logistics interfaces with other divisions such as production, distribution and sales in a collaboration with the management, works committee and employees, and to document the results afterwards.

  • Compilation of a bid for short-distance passenger transport in northern Germany

    Customer: Railway transport company

    A railway transport company is submitting a bid for a transport tender in northern Germany with the aim of making an attractive, innovative and cost-efficient offer for railway transport. The main contents include conception and technical support, editorial support as well as operative and organisational support.

  • Assessment of planned location changes

    Customer: Global player in food industry

    A leading company in the food industry is planning to close individual, independently operating logistics locations with storages and commissioning in Germany or to re-utilise them as pure cross dock storage. To this end, SCI Verkehr is carrying out a cross check, is providing important advice on potential risks of the planned concept and is suggesting possible amendments to the plan developed by the customer.

  • Circle Line / Public-Private-Partnership in public rail transport

    Customer: Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr AöR (Transportation authority)

    "Circle Line" is the first rail transport project in Germany to be realised primarily as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). In a consortium comprising DEPFA BANK, the law firm Kapellmann und Partner and the engineering office Vössing GmbH, SCI Verkehr is subjecting the plans to a "PPP suitability test" and preparing the realisation of the first construction phase up to the tendering procedure. SCI Verkehr is carrying out the project management and market research as well as addressing potential interested parties.

  • Optimisation potentials in rail vehicle maintenance

    Customer: Private sector

    SCI Verkehr is considering possible optimisation potentials in rail vehicle maintenance on behalf of a railway transport company. The focus of the project is on improving the employment of human resources. This is to be achieved by, among other things, increasing the vertical range of manufacturing, "make or buy" decisions and extending the existing range of activities of the staff. In addition, the expansion of the company?s activities is also analysed, for example, through the implementation of a vehicle leasing or rental business and its effects on employment.

  • Supporting outsourcing planning

    Customer: Luxury foods manufacturer

    A leading company in the luxury foods industry is planning to reorganise its distribution process, which it has performed itself with its own sites and vehicles up to now. The company now intends to contract these services to a logistics service provider (outsourcing). SCI Verkehr is checking the concept put together by the customer internally for plausibility and is giving useful advice for the further negotiations with the service provider.

  • Examining the shutdown of a logistics location

    Customer: Global player in food industry

    A major company in the food industry is intending to close a location in Germany and replace it with a pure cross dock to slim down stocks and save costs. However, the supply quality for customers must not suffer. The task is to examine and assess the planned measures with regard to plausibility and their logistical effect.

  • Registration of railway companies in Poland

    Customer: Industry

    Working for an interested company, all corporate and administrative as well as technical preconditions for obtaining registration as railway transport company in Poland were ascertained. The information was analysed in terms of potential for action and risks and provided in the form of a structured guide.

  • Coordination of offer drafting for an SPNV- tender

    Customer: Transport company

    SCI is accompanying the drafting of an offer in the context of an SPNV-route tender for an expanding transport company. Consultation on project coordination and support for the development of a general organizational, structural and operational model for future tenders are a part of the project. In addition, SCI Verkehr has elaborated the marketing and personnel structures as well as elements of the business concept.

  • Commuter Rail Berlin

    Customer: State of Berlin

    Comparison of specific cost types to those of other commuter rail systems in Germany by means of defined, meaningful benchmarks. Identification of cost reduction potentials, possible ways ans implications of their realisation. Support to the client in the design of the transport service contract. Coordination of a joint negotiation strategy and participation in the trials. Survey of arguments and recommendations to the client.

  • Maintenance location and portfolio assessment

    Customer: maintenance specialist

    Definitions of the optimal location and performance for a vehicle workshop in western North Rhine Westphalia.

  • Development of offer for line-related tender invitations of RPST services in the State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    Customer: Stadtwerke Schwerin / Mecklenburgbahn GmbH

    Analysis of tender invitation, specification of performance profile and offer support for the public tender for several routes of the rail-bound passenger short-distance transport of the State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern within the scope of the regionalisation of the RPST; Start-up of operation of the Mecklenburg railways based on the 1st offer scheduled for June 2001.

  • Reorganisation of system transport business processes

    Customer: Shipping/Logistics company

    Analysis of the daily operational processes in trans-shipping facilities and in administrative areas. Direct support in the implementation of suggestions for improvement of daily operations.

  • Customs procedures for the container traffic Denmark ? German North Sea harbours ? Overseas newly to be installed

    Customer: Logistic company

    The European liberalisation of railway traffic allows the utilisation of the infrastructure by private railway transportation enterprises also across national borders. However, as opposed to the state railways, the regional railways cannot make use of the simplified common shipping procedure but are subject to the regulating procedures of the common / community shipping procedure. With this report a recommendation was developed for procedural management under the existing conditions.

  • Optimization of logistical and transport costs

    Customer: Industrial company

    In the context of European production location integration into the worldwide logistics concept, storage and transport processes are adapted; benchmarking of service providers.