Strategic business consulting for the railway and logistics industry

SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Commercial Due Diligence Manufacturer of track components


SCI Verkehr supported a financial investor in conducting commercial due diligence (CDD) in the railway infrastructure sector. A full CDD report was prepared. Special attention was paid to individual European focus countries.

Process and organizational consulting in IT


A global player in the beverage industry is planning to restructure its IT and support departments and subsequently establish them in Europe. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to review and further develop this strategy, and to accompany the negotiations with the employee representatives.

Ongoing strategic advice to a logistics service provider on the development of rail products

Customer: Logistics Group

On the basis of its own preliminary studies, SCI Verkehr, together with partners, is supporting a globally active logistics group in the development of its own rail strategy. The activities take place within the framework of the implementation of the group's CO2 targets. Internal quantities are analysed and concrete strategic approaches to shifting are developed.

Market Analyses Examples

The German track construction market

Customer: Private sector

Pointing out the relevant track and overpass construction in the German market. Rough estimate of market development and volume.

Due diligence on an investment in alternative propulsion systems for rail vehicles

Customer: Strategic investor

SCI Verkehr supports an investor in the preparation of a CDD on an investment opportunity in an alternative propulsion technology for rail vehicles. Specific target markets are analysed, procurement criteria of the end customers are evaluated and the business plan is assessed and adapted together with the client.

Analysis of demand and customers? requirements in the locomotive market

Customer: Vehicle manufacturer

On behalf of a locomotive manufacturer, the future demand for locomotives in Europe was analysed in terms of different power classes. In addition, discussions with customers and experts exposed the future requirements on locomotives in terms of technical fittings, financing, usage period, etc. The aim of the analysis was to align the manufacturer?s product portfolio, distribution activities and production structure for the future.

Asset Valuations Examples

Continuous bus portfolio evaluation

Customer: Credit institution

On behalf of a refinancing credit institution, SCI Verkehr conducts initial and subsequent evaluations of an extensive portfolio of commercial vehicles. The results of this calculation are utilised internally by the customer in order to assess credit risks.

Fleet appraisal electrical multiple units

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr determined the fair market value and the expected value-over-time of new electrical multiple units (EMUs). The valuation was carried out based on a DRC approach. A particular focus was the benchmark of the vehicles' purchasing price and the residual value after the end of the leasing contract. The results were compiled in a short assessment.

Market value appraisal of used electric multiple units (EMU)

Customer: Public transport authority

SCI Verkehr determined the current market value of used electric railcars for local public transport on behalf of a special purpose company. For this purpose, existing technical documents as well as the current state of maintenance were checked and an estimation of the possible recycling possibilities of the multiple units was made.

Public Consulting Examples

Logistics Center Cologne/Bonn - location profile and competitive position

Customer: Society for the promotion of economic development North-Rhine/Westphalia ltd. (GfW)

The goal of the consulting activities is the development of a location profile for the logistics region of Cologne/Bonn. The investigation focuses on the possible unique selling points of the planned end-of-runway logistics park in Troisdorf Spich, and its positive effect on the entire region?s economy. The competitive position of such a logistics park and the potential target company will be evaluated with a small strategic analysis of selected competing regions

Local transport Westphalia€“Lippe study RRX corridors

Customer: Local transport Westphalia-Lippe

SCI Verkehr prepared a study concerning supplementary plans of local transport in Westphalia-Lippe along four RRX corridors in Westphalia. The effects of the plans on mobility, economy and the environment in Westphalia-Lippe were examined. Included were, inter alia, analyses of passenger transport potentials, travel times, commuter traffic, connections to the other forms of public transport and environmental impacts. The results were prepared in a recipient-oriented way and were published by the PTA Nahverkehr Westfalen-Lippe.

Model corridor Rotterdam - Genoa

Customer: Global player in the rail industry

The Rotterdam - Genoa axis is going to be developed into the first major European corridor to use ETCS/ERTMS. SCI Verkehr assisted a leading industrial company in developing the research project for testing ETCS/ERTMS. We analysed the assistance criteria and evaluated them for the concrete project concept, we identified and brought in project partners, compiled the necessary application documents and accompanying documents in cooperation with the client and ensured communication with funding institutions.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Support CDD to an Intermodal Terminal

Customer: strategic investor

SCI Verkehr supported a strategic investor in its commercial due diligence on an intermodal terminal (rail-road) in Germany. This involved accompanying the development of the investor's valuation approach, assessing operational benefits/opportunities and analysing development potential.

Market entry strategy passenger transport market

Customer: European railway company

On behalf of a railway transport company, SCI Verkehr prepares a growth strategy for the European market. In this context, specific potentials for the company in terms of PSO contracts as well as in open access are assessed with regards to feasibility and economic efficiency. All parts of value creation through transport services are considered. As a result, SCI Verkehr outlined different scenarios of market entry.

Feasibility study for the creation of a logistics competence center (InLog) in the eastern Ruhr district

Customer: Hamm Society for the Promotion of Economic Development

In the context of the eastern Ruhr district?s ?Initiatve Logistik,? the Hamm, Unna and Dortmund Societies for the Promotion of Economic Development are planning a model project for the development of a logistics competence center called ?InLog.? Within this competence center, the service areas of companies interested in settling in the area would be combined. A feasibility study outlined company services in concrete terms and examined inter-community hosting possibilities as and well as potential private sector participation. In addition, the study determined sensible legal- and corporate models, including a cost estimate and funding possibilities. It also proposed a master plan for the realisation of the project.

Process optimisations Examples

Drafting and compilation of a bid for local transport service

Customer: International transport company

On behalf of an international transport company, SCI Verkehr has developed and compiled a bid for services in local rail passenger transport in southern Germany. In addition, SCI Verkehr was responsible for organisation and bid management.

Strategic realignment of leading European freight railway

Customer: Leading European freight railway

The commissioning railway company active in European rail freight transport is in an economically strained situation with clearly decreasing market shares, declining transport services and unsatisfactory performance. Defined objectives of the company are to increase production stability, reorganise operations of sales and production as well as increasing productivity and economic improvement of selected areas of operation. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to monitor and accompany the process as expert consultant.

Application for rail sidings subsidies

Customer: Medium-sized forwarding company

A medium-sized forwarding company is planning to extend its existing railways siding and to improve it by setting up a handling hall. In order to construct these facilities, the company will seek governmental subsidies from the sidings track support programme of the Federal Republic of Germany. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to take a leading part in supporting the company´s application.