SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Need for regulation in the railway network sector

Customer: European association

SCI Verkehr has evaluated the "Need for regulation in the area of the rail network while maintaining a uniform labour market within DB AG" on behalf of a European railway association. Within this framework, the performance of the German railway market was compared internationally. Furthermore, essential pillars of the "German model" were elaborated. In addition to the economic development of the relevant companies, the situation of the employees was also evaluated.

Commercial due diligence of locomotive lessor in Eastern Europe

Customer: Private equity investor

On behalf of a private equity investor, SCI Verkehr carried out a Commercial Due Diligence of a locomotive lessor in the Eastern European rail freight transport market. This Commercial Due Diligence also comprised an in-depth asset evaluation of used locomotives by means of the DCF and DRC methodology, which provided a detailed analysis of the special situations in individual Eastern European markets.

Evaluation of the marketability of a leasing portfolio

Customer: Financial investor

On behalf of a financial investor who is already active in the railway sector, SCI Verkehr analysed a potential target regarding its marketability. This concerns a leasing portfolio which SCI Verkehr analysed with regard to the assets included, its value stability, secondary market ability and the leasing rates achievable in the market.

Market Analyses Examples

Technology benchmark and analysis of customer requirements for product development

Customer: Industrial company

For the purpose of supporting the development of a product in the railway technology industry SCI Verkehr performed an analysis of customer requirements as well as a technology benchmark. We investigated products with similar functions from the leading markets for railway technology such as Europe, Russia, China, India and Japan, and identified innovative solutions from other technological sectors (defence technology, shipbuilding, aerospace, bridge construction, etc.), which could be adapted for railway technology.

Container transport between China and Eastern Europe

Customer: European rail freight operator

On behalf of a European rail freight operator, SCI Verkehr determined the total volume of container transport between China and Eastern Europe. For this purpose, public statistics were evaluated and supplemented by expert knowledge.

Market potential analysis of shunting locomotives

Customer: Vehicle manufacturer

On behalf of a vehicle manufacturer, SCI Verkehr appraised the market for shunting and hybrid locomotives. For this, technical/operational aspects (e.g. LCC) as well as the market conditions and the competitive situation were analysed in detail.

Asset Valuations Examples

DCF appraisal of a freight wagon fleet

Customer: International financing company

As part of a re-financing of a large existing freight wagon fleet, SCI Verkehr carried out an appraisal of the assets by means of the discounted cash flow (DCF) method. The focus was set on the high number of various wagon types and the years of construction.

Evaluation of the revenue opportunities of a leasing portfolio

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of an investor already active in the rolling stock leasing segment, SCI Verkehr performs a regular analysis of the leasing revenues to be expected for the entire vehicle portfolio. Depending on the fleet structure and the market demand expected, the leasing revenues and downtimes of the vehicles are assessed. These serve as the foundation for the evaluation of the revenue opportunities and the business plan.

Valuation of a locomotive portfolio


SCI Verkehr prepared a valuation of a locomotive portfolio consisting of used and new vehicles for a global asset and investment manager. For this, SCI Verkehr used both the income-based DCF method and the cost-based DRC valuation methodology. A presentation of the results, in which SCI Verkehr also evaluated current developments within the rail vehicle industry, took place as part of a management meeting.

Public Consulting Examples

Impacts of the demographic change on public transport in North Rhine-Westphalia

Customer: State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Initiative Bahn NRW

For the "Initiative Bahn NRW" of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, SCI Verkehr is preparing a study on the "Impact of demographic change on public transport in North Rhine-Westphalia". Within the scope of this study, existing sources and statistics are analysed and in-depth discussions are held with demographic and transport experts as well as representatives of local authorities, public transport authorities and transport companies. A comparison is made with other federal states and their assessments. The aim of the study is a uniform and up-to-date assessment of the demographic development and its effect on local transport in NRW.

RAILTEST- Examination of European testing facilities.

Customer: European Commission

In cooperation with European consulting and research establishments (ARRC (UK); ERRI (the Netherlands); Holland Railconsult (the Netherlands)), all testing facilities in Europe are examined, as are the potential synergies between them. SCI Verkehr emphasises the investigation of testing facilities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and is carrying out a comprehensive synergy analysis of all European facilities.

Concept for pilot operation of hydrogen-powered buses

Customer: Transport association

On behalf of a public transport authority for local transport in North-Rhine Westphalia, SCI Verkehr set up a financing and implementation concept following a previously conducted feasibility study. The study focused on the carrying out of a pilot project using hydrogen-powered buses in the operations of several local transport operators.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Analysis freight wagon bogies

Customer: Asian freight wagon manufacturer

On behalf of an Asian freight wagon manufacturer, SCI Verkehr analysed the market for freight wagon bogies in Europe. The analysis was focused on bogies for high-speed trains for operational speeds of 160 km/h.

Further development of a rail infrastructure manager’s business model

Customer: Rail infrastructure manager

A public rail infrastructure manager (terminal and tracks) envisages further business development and better financial positioning. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to submit an application on increasing track fees - based on an in depth status analysis - to the federal railway authority on behalf of the company.

Feasibility study for H2 buses

Customer: Transport authority

SCI Verkehr was commissioned by one of the largest German transport associations to conduct a feasibility study on "Infrastructural and operational requirements for the economic use of hydrogen-powered buses". In the process, the vehicle-technical, infrastructural and operational possibilities and future developments were evaluated. As a result, an experience project for the introduction of hydrogen-powered buses in regular operation was recommended and decided by the accompanying advisory board.

Process optimisations Examples

Bid management maintenance services

Customer: International maintenance provider for rolling stock

SCI Verkehr supported an international maintenance provider for rolling stock and components with regards to bid management for services in the external market. This included conceptual, economic and editorial assistance in the context of tender preparation as well as operational and organisational support in the bid process.

Future workshop logistics

Customer: Global player in the food industry

The works committee and logistics management of a global player in the food industry intended to initiate an open dialogue about the future optimisation of logistical processes with external support. By conducting talks with both sides, SCI Verkehr prepared the dialogue, hosted the meetings of a joint working group and provided specialist input with the aim of developing a common perception of the logistical future of the company.

Circle Line / Public-Private-Partnership in public rail transport

Customer: Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr AöR (Transportation authority)

"Circle Line" is the first rail transport project in Germany to be realised primarily as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). In a consortium comprising DEPFA BANK, the law firm Kapellmann und Partner and the engineering office Vössing GmbH, SCI Verkehr is subjecting the plans to a "PPP suitability test" and preparing the realisation of the first construction phase up to the tendering procedure. SCI Verkehr is carrying out the project management and market research as well as addressing potential interested parties.