SCI Verkehr is as a strategic consultancy company focused on the international railway and logistics industry. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and in evaluating their assets. We help our clients analysing target markets, their structures, dynamics and trends und we develop viable and suitable future strategies.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Support in restructuring process in rail freight transport

Customer: Leading rail freight transport company

Against the background of the global economic and financial crisis, the need for a short-term reaction and restructuring arose for a leading company in the freight transport sector. SCI Verkehr GmbH provided professional expert support to the client in close consultation with its Management. We reviewed the measures developed, compiled alternative scenarios and provided expert support in negotiations.

Commercial Due Diligence for a component manufacturer

Customer: European component manufacturer

As part of acquisition efforts for a component manufacturer, a strategic investor in the European railway industry commissioned SCI Verkehr to carry out a Commercial Due Diligence.

International maintenance provider railway

Customer: International maintenance provider for rolling stock

On behalf of an international maintenance service provider for rail vehicles, SCI Verkehr analysed global acquirable market potentials for maintenance services for historical rolling stock.

Market Analyses Examples

Development of railway infrastructure worldwide

Customer: Industrial company

For the strategic planning of an industrial company, SCI Verkehr analysed the railway systems and the development of the rail infrastructure worldwide. An essential part of the contract, which runs over several years, was the provision of data on transport development and an outlook on current and upcoming investment projects, as well as the resulting perspective of the markets in the railway segment. In addition to the global view at regional level, SCI Verkehr prepared detailed country analyses in three focus regions.

Worldwide demand and competitor analysis with focus China

Customer: Globally active rail vehicle manufacturer

SCI Verkehr analysed the market for diesel engines in locomotives. Based on the current and future demand situation, Chinese manufacturers are the focus of this analysis with regard to current and future market shares. For this, details regarding suppliers and price levels of engines are analysed.

European Rail Operator

Customer: European Rail Operator

SCI Verkehr analyses the maintenance workshops in Germany regarding their abilities and facilities. Light and heavy maintenance as well as refurbishments will be included. Te project focuses on long-distance, regional and rail freight maintenance facilities. The result is going to be a full overview of German mainline rail maintenance sites.

Asset Valuations Examples

Rolling stock assessment: Electric locomotives

Customer: Locomotive lessor

On behalf of a locomotive lessor, SCI Verkehr assesses current and future market value of electric single and multi-system locomotives. Income-based as well as cost-based valuation methods are applied.

Fair value determination of European electric and diesel locomotives

Customer: Rail funds

On behalf of a railway fund, SCI Verkehr determined the current market value for various electric and diesel locomotives, based on a DCF method. This DCF valuation focused on the determination of the supply and demand situations of the respective assets.

Valuation of a bulk freight wagon

Customer: International financer

SCI Verkehr appraised a new bulk freight wagon which will be used for specialised transports. For the appraisal of a residual value, SCI Verkehr used a cost-based DCF approach as well as an income-based DCF approach. Special attention was paid to reuse scenarios in a regional market and the assessment of risks of obsolescence.

Public Consulting Examples

Modern Railways Shanghai

Customer: Conference society

Contact to and acquisition of railway engineering companies for their participation in the international ?Modern Railways? conference in Shanghai, September 22-25, 2003.

Market exploration for the sale of railway infrastructure

Customer: Ownership company of railway and terminal infrastructure

A publicly owned company that owns the railway and terminal infrastructure was given the political mandate to prepare the exit of the public owners from this area. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to provide comprehensive support to the management in an initial market survey.

Price indication logistics sites

Customer: City administration

A German city administration plans the new designation of logistics sites in its urban area. SCI Verkehr analysed the intended urban development planning and helped in pricing for the subsequent marketing of sites.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Supporting change processes and personnel planning of a rail freight transport company

Customer: Rail freight transport company

A leading provider of rail freight transport services is planning to reorganise its customer support according to market requirements. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to evaluate envisaged and partly already implemented measures and to support coordinating personnel planning in terms of participation .

Analysis freight wagon bogies

Customer: Asian freight wagon manufacturer

On behalf of an Asian freight wagon manufacturer, SCI Verkehr analysed the market for freight wagon bogies in Europe. The analysis was focused on bogies for high-speed trains for operational speeds of 160 km/h.

Commercial Due Diligence of bus manufacturer

Customer: Financial investor

On behalf of a financial investor, SCI Verkehr conducted a commercial due diligence on a globally active bus manufacturer. Focus was put on the analysis of future development potential of the core markets as well as the future expected competitive situation of the target. Moreover, a business plan entailing the assumptions of the management regarding the target´s development opportunities was examined.

Process optimisations Examples

Coordination of offer drafting for an SPNV- tender

Customer: Transport company

SCI is accompanying the drafting of an offer in the context of an SPNV-route tender for an expanding transport company. Consultation on project coordination and support for the development of a general organizational, structural and operational model for future tenders are a part of the project. In addition, SCI Verkehr has elaborated the marketing and personnel structures as well as elements of the business concept.

Bid management maintenance services

Customer: International maintenance provider for rolling stock

SCI Verkehr supported an international maintenance provider for rolling stock and components with regards to bid management for services in the external market. This included conceptual, economic and editorial assistance in the context of tender preparation as well as operational and organisational support in the bid process.

Restructuring of workshop flows

Customer: Global player in the food industry

When centralising three workshops into one new site, our client had not implemented an active change management strategy. The processes and areas of work taken over from the old locations led to a significant drop in output at the new site. First of all, SCI Verkehr analysed and documented the existing workflows in a task force including management and the works council. At the same time, the team from SCI Verkehr identified and initiated necessary changes and oversaw the implementation on site. The aim of the project was to introduce staff to the new conditions in order to establish the adapted working areas and processes for the long term.