Strategic business consulting for the railway and logistics industry

SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Reorientation of the corporate strategy


SCI Verkehr reviewed the decision-making processes of a major rail freight operator in Europe. Based on the stocktaking and a review, recommendations were derived for a repositioning of the strategy with a view to a larger market share.

Analysis of the Continental European leasing market

Customer: Investment company

SCI Verkehr supported an international investment company as part of a due diligence project at the seller side. Main part of the project is a comprehensive analysis on the European multiple unit and locomotive leasing market including potential growth paths up to 2050.

Commercial due diligence freight wagon lessor

Customer: Financial investor

SCI Verkehr supports a financial investor by preparing a CDD in the domain of freight wagon leasing. In addition to the CDD report, customer questions on previous reports are responded to in the context of a Q&A process.

Market Analyses Examples

Identification of potentials in conventional SGV in Europe

Customer: Rail transport company active throughout Europe

SCI Verkehr supported a German rail transport company in identifying and developing potential in conventional rail freight transport on European corridors. Based on a market report, internal workshops were organised and targeted potential customers are approached.

Determining demand for electric corridor locomotives

Customer: International financer

On behalf of a financer, SCI Verkehr determines current and future demand for electric locomotives. For this purpose, SCI Verkehr analyses the locomotive pool as well as the expected future demand for transport services and finally determines the expected number of leases.

Market Analysis Universal Locomotives


SCI Verkehr supported a leasing company for rail vehicles with market and fleet data in its strategic decision to invest in universal locomotives for Continental Europe. In the course of this, SCI Verkehr also analysed the development of the ETCS rollout in defined focus countries and also provided information on environmental and sustainability aspects of the locomotives in a Q&A session.

Asset Valuations Examples

Value analysis of mainline diesel locomotives

Customer: National credit institute

For a national credit institute SCI Verkehr analysed the new vehicle development for internationally operable mainline diesel locomotives. This brief expert appraisal focused on assessing the current vehicle value by means of a price benchmark with competing products.

Locomotive portfolio valuation

Customer: Infrastructure investor

On behalf of an international investor, SCI Verkehr assessed the market value of a fleet of diesel locomotives. The market value is determined using both an income-based and cost-based valuation method and also takes into account the current and expected future environmental policy framework.

Update (3) within the framework contract of an annual assessment of 500 tank wagons over 10 years

Customer: Internationally operating commercial bank, chemicals group

On behalf of a financing commercial bank, SCI Verkehr is estimating the market value (annually over a period of 10 years) of a fleet of 500 tank wagons (delivery 2020-2022). The wagons are in use at a European chemical company . The valuation (RC and DCF) is carried out according to the IVS standard (2020). The completeness of the documentation of the ECM is also checked.

Public Consulting Examples

Analysis of infrastructural expansion options for rail corridor

Customer: Chamber of Industry and Commerce

On behalf of a chamber of industry and commerce, SCI Verkehr analysed initial infrastructure development options on the Schleswig-Holstein - Hamburg - Bremen - North Rhine-Westphalia rail corridor in north-west Germany, as part of an inventory and comparative analysis.

International Railway Congress / Fair"'rail # tec 2001" in Dortmund

Customer: Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Mittelstand, Energie und Verkehr des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (Ministry for Economy and Small Business, Energy and Traffic of State North Rhine-Westphalia)

Technical concept, organisation, acquisition of sponsors and exhibitors, forum and congress program, acquisition of speakers, excursion program. Preparation and execution of events, VIP care, taking care of speakers, special events, attendance to companies and joint stand of Landesinitiative Bahntechnik NRW (State Initiative Railway Engineering NRW).

Profitability Analyses Examples

Plausibility check of an operator?s maintenance strategy with the focus on technical maintenance plants

Customer: Operator

Checking the plausibility of a plan to reduce capacity and close sites for heavy maintenance. Preparing recommendations for the next steps with the objective of maintaining as many competitive jobs in the maintenance plants as possible.

Evaluation of vehicle options to support a local transport tender

Customer: Railway transport company

On behalf of a railway transport company, SCI Verkehr compiled an independent assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of various vehicle options in connection with a local transport tender. The realistic consideration of the potential operation of new and/or second-hand vehicles played an important role in this evaluation.

Market study on freight wagon leasing


SCI Verkehr supported a newly-founded leasing company by preparing a market study and analysing standard market input parameters for a business plan.

Process optimisations Examples

Maintenance location and portfolio assessment

Customer: maintenance specialist

Definitions of the optimal location and performance for a vehicle workshop in western North Rhine Westphalia.

Registration of railway companies in Poland

Customer: Industry

Working for an interested company, all corporate and administrative as well as technical preconditions for obtaining registration as railway transport company in Poland were ascertained. The information was analysed in terms of potential for action and risks and provided in the form of a structured guide.