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Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Commercial Due Diligence

Customer: Financial investor

On behalf of a financial investor, SCI Verkehr conducted a commercial due diligence on a globally active railway supplier. Focus was put on the analysis of future development potential of the core markets as well as the future expected competitive situation of the target. Moreover, a business plan entailing the assumptions of the management regarding the target´s development opportunities was examined.

Workshop "Opportunities in the Railway Business"

Customer: European private equity company

SCI Verkehr supported a private equity company in its acquisition efforts within the railway sector. The aim of the project was to identify in good time official sales announcements of profitable market segments and types of companies that become acquirable within the course of the changing market situation. SCI Verkehr carried out a workshop with the client for this purpose.

Target screening rolling stock leasing

Customer: Investment funds

SCI Verkehr analyses the European rolling stock leasing market in the context of a possible investment before a due diligence. Focus is put on markets for locomotives and for passenger transport. SCI Verkehr performs a target screening and identifies the most attractive national markets.

Market Analyses Examples

Market data for due diligence

Customer: Auditing firm

On behalf of an internationally active auditing firm, SCI Verkehr creates a market forecast for railway vehicles in Europe. The market data form the basis of a due diligence process.

Maintenance market

Customer: Private sector

A location database was developed in view of the amended railway legislation and competition between suppliers of rail vehicle maintenance services. A written final report presented all of the major changes and development trends in German maintenance capacities.

Market analysis wheels and suspension components

Customer: International railway technology group

On behalf of a multi-national railway technology group, SCI Verkehr analysed the European market for rail vehicle wheels. The focus was on the analysis of wheels delivered differentiated by the following customer groups: operator, manufacturer and leasing company. The analysis also comprised an overview of the important players including production capacities and output.

Asset Valuations Examples

Value appraisal for new EMUs

Customer: Private European railway company

On behalf of a private railway operator, SCI Verkehr assessed an EMU fleet to be procured and supported the client regarding the residual values to be expected.

Analysis of the European market for rolling stock leasing

Customer: International leasing company

For an internationally active leasing company, SCI Verkehr analysed the European market for rolling stock leasing in the freight transport segment. SCI Verkehr examined important national markets and the key European players in rail freight transport and the leasing market for locomotives and freight wagons. The analysis also included the effects of the current financial and economic crisis on the development of demand in the rail freight transport sector.

Assessment of a rail car portfolio

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of an investor already active in rail vehicle leasing, SCI Verkehr carried out a regular analysis of the expected leasing income of the entire vehicle portfolio. Depending on the fleet structure and the expected market demand, leasing income and downtimes of the vehicles were evaluated, which served as the basis for evaluating earnings opportunities and preparing a business plan.

Public Consulting Examples

Logistics Park Spich/Troisdorf

Customer: Society for the promotion of economic development

The aim of the consulting activities is the development of a multi-industry target client analysis for a planned logistics park in North Rhine-Westphalia. The preparation of location marketing activities is also part of the goal. The main focus of our services is to develop market knowledge about the target industries. Relevant actors and potential companies within the identified industries will be ascertained. These will be primary contact persons for location marketing.

Railway company standards

Customer: Foundation

The German railway network can be used by all certified railway companies. Many companies within and outside of Germany frequently take advantage of this right. Railway safety may not represent the same level of priority for every user. The study investigates whether or not current guidelines are sufficient. More specifically, it looks at the degree to which set rules can ensure a high safety standard in light of the conditions in a liberalized market. The study should show that a high safety and quality standard can help prevent competitive disadvantages for EVU, thus helping preserve and sustain the system railway?s position in the transport market.

Logistik Initiative Hamburg


SCI produces an annual survey and analysis of data on the general economic situation and the impact of the Covid19- pandemic on companies in the logistics industry. Members\\\' assessments of the initiative\\\'s general work are also surveyed.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Market study on freight wagon leasing


SCI Verkehr supported a newly-founded leasing company by preparing a market study and analysing standard market input parameters for a business plan.

Profitability audit LRV procurement

Customer: Transport authority

SCI Verkehr evaluated the economic feasibility of the selected bids for a transport authority in the context of a procurement of new light rail vehicles (LRV). To this end, SCI Verkehr evaluated the tender documents and carried out a price benchmark to determine market prices for LRV.

Process optimisations Examples

Support in restructuring process in rail freight transport

Customer: Market-leading freight transport company

Against the background of the global economic and financial crisis, a short-term need for a reaction and restructuring arose for a leading company in the freight transport sector. SCI Verkehr GmbH supported the client as a professional expert in close consultation with management. We reviewed the measures developed, compiled alternative scenarios and provided professional support in the negotiations.

Support tram tender

Customer: Rolling stock manufacturer

SCI Verkehr supported an Asian manufacturer of rolling stock in a European tram tender process. This included an analysis of the tender documents and preparatory background talks as well as the recommendation of a suitable product and project strategy.