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Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Commercial due diligence on a freight car lessor

Customer: Infrastructure investor

SCI Verkehr supports an infrastructure investor in the due diligence (out-side-in phase) on a freight car leasing company. A financial model is developed and possible development paths of the target company in the future are described.

Commercial due diligence for rail vehicles

Customer: Strategic investor

As part of an acquisition process, SCI Verkehr supported a client with a commercial due diligence (CDD) in the rail vehicle segment. A particular focus was on the analysis of the target and the synergies of its portfolio with the client´s existing business.

Workshop regarding typical processes in the rail vehicle industry

Customer: IT company

On behalf of a company outside the sector, SCI Verkehr GmbH has organised a one-day workshop to make rail vehicle manufacturing processes transparent and assist the client to become familiar with the sector.

Market Analyses Examples

Conversion potential of diesel shunting locomotives to emission-free traction

Customer: Rail vehicle manufacturer

On behalf of a locomotive manufacturer, SCI Verkehr analysed the market potential for the conversion of diesel shunting locomotives to emission-free propulsion. The focus was on the DACH region until 2035. The result of the potential analysis was based on a current technology and competition overview, a customer and TCO analysis as well as on replacement procurement potentials.

Fleet database for railcars

Customer: Auditor

On behalf of a leading audit firm, SCI Verkehr compiled an overview of the age structures of railcars for different European countries.

Market analysis of fare management and dynamic passenger information

Customer: Private sector

Modern fare management and passenger information systems are becoming ever more important as a result of increasing competition between public transport operators, rising passenger demands and substitution pressure from individual transport. SCI Verkehr examined the technologies of the future as well as the future development and drivers of the market.

Asset Valuations Examples

Asset valuation of electric multiple units for German regional passenger rail transport

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr evaluated modern electric multiple units (EMU) to be operated on German regional passenger rail services. The project included a valuation in accordance with the DRC approach as well as an analysis of possibilities for re-use of the vehicles. In addition, the normal service life of electric railcars is assessed on the basis of technical and economic indicators.

Commercial and technical due diligence locomotive portfolio

Customer: Financier

On behalf of a financial investor, SCI Verkehr supports the company in the context of a due diligence process with regard to technical and commercial matters. This includes asset evaluation of an electro locomotive fleet for the European market, technical inspection of a representative part of the fleet as well as corresponding documentation.

Asset assessment railcar fleets

Customer: Banking consortium

On behalf of a banking consortium, SCI Verkehr determines the fair value as well as the expected value-over-time of several railcar fleets in Germany. The assessment is carried out according to the cost-based DRC method. Special focus is put on defining realistic scenarios to reuse the fleets. Moreover, technical condition assessment is carried out by an expert.

Public Consulting Examples

Gemischte Wirtschaftskommission Ungarn - NRW (Mixed Economic Commission Hungary - NRW)

Customer: Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Mittelstand, Energie und Verkehr des Landes NRW (The Ministry for Economy and Small Business, Energy and Traffic of State North Rhine-Westphalia)

Preparation of subject matter, organisation, implementation, and follow-up of the 4th meeting of the mixed economic commission on 06 to 08 June 2001 in Düsseldorf. Compilation and analysis of the Hungarian and NRW interests prior to the event, development of a basis for decision making for the client and finalising the agreement following the event. Follow-up of the joint cooperation in the traffic sector.

Serbian priorities, financial aid and interests of the NRW economy for the reconstruction of the infrastructure in Serbia.

Customer: Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Mittelstand, Energie und Verkehr des Landes NRW (The Ministry for Economy and Small Business, Energy and Traffic of State North Rhine-Westphalia)

Technical preparation of a delegation journey of the Prime Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphallia, Herr Wolfgang Clement, to Serbia. For this purpose information was collected concerning the priorities on the side of Serbia for the reconstruction of the infrastructure, sources and conditions of financing and also concerning the interests of the NRW economical community in reconstruction in Serbia.

Z-SGV funding project WILSON LEARN

Customer: Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport

In the Z-SGV project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, WILSON LEARN, a \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"machine learning\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" algorithm is to be optimised and tested that generates valid real-time proposals for efficient, operational staff scheduling in rail freight transport. SCI Verkehr is responsible for evaluating the cost-effectiveness and usability of the solution for rail freight transport in the project. Other project partners are Menlo79 GmbH, Havelländische Eisenbahn AG and Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Support CDD to an Intermodal Terminal

Customer: strategic investor

SCI Verkehr supported a strategic investor in its commercial due diligence on an intermodal terminal (rail-road) in Germany. This involved accompanying the development of the investor's valuation approach, assessing operational benefits/opportunities and analysing development potential.

German urban railway systems

Customer: Private industry


Process optimisations Examples

Support in compiling an offer for the rout—related tender of local rail transport services in the Bielefeld region (North Rhine Westphalia)

Customer: Stadtentwicklungsbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg

SCI Verkehr has supported a railway transport company in compiling a competitive wettbewerbsfähigen transport offer. We have compiled of all important documents as well as a marketing-strategic consultancy for compiling the offer. The client has been awarded the contract.

Preparation of bidding documents for tenders in eastern Germany

Customer: Commuter rail operator

SCI Verkehr supported the transport company in the conceptual and practical preparation of two commuter rail bids in eastern Germany. The services ranged from the development and assessment of a vehicle concept to conceptual, technical and editorial support to operational and organisational support.

Strategic concept freight wagon division

Customer: Railway operator

SCI Verkehr supports a leading railway operator in the conceptual reorganisation of essential parts of rail freight transport. For this purpose, available concepts are reviewed and new approaches to advancing this field of business are developed and evaluated. It is aimed at achieving higher efficiency in this segment by reorganising responsibilities and processes in production and sales.