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Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Market potential analysis for the use of innovative chassis technologies

Customer: Systems supplier

Ob behalf of a systems supplier, SCI Verkehr analysed the market for innovative components in the field of rail vehicle chassis. The market potential was evaluated trough surveys of different operators in the passenger and freight transport sectors.

Fleet strategy for tank wagons

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr analysed the market for tank wagons and derived a fleet strategy with recommendations for potential investments and partnerships. In addition to the analysis of the existing oil & gas wagon fleet, the supply and demand development as well as the competitive situation in the tank wagon market were also considered.

Competition among rolling stock manufacturers

Customer: Service provider for institutional investors

SCI Verkehr presents highlights of the dynamics in the railway industry to institutional investors at a conference. Focus is put on competition among rolling stock manufacturers as well as their current and expected expansion efforts.

Market Analyses Examples

Continuous supply of market data on rail vehicles


For the development of new markets, SCI Verkehr supplied market data and forecasts for rail vehicles to a components manufacturer. This included current fleet sizes, their age structure, delivery figures and upcoming procurement projects.

Market analysis: Rolling stock components

Customer: International group

On behalf of a globally active group, SCI Verkehr analyses the markets for different rolling stock components. Focus is put on its development over a ten-year horizon and the current competitive situation.

Evaluation of volumes and trends in the worldwide wheel set markets

Customer: Credit and financial institute

SCI Verkehr analysed the volumes, competitive structures and trends in the worldwide markets for forged railway wheels on behalf of an internationally active credit and financial institute.

Asset Valuations Examples

Update (2) within the framework of an annual assessment of 500 tank wagons (10 years)

Customer: Internationally operating commercial bank, chemical group

SCI Verkehr is valuing (annually over a period of 10 years) 500 tank wagons (delivery 2020-2022) used by a European chemical company on behalf of a financing commercial bank. The valuation (DRC and DCF) is carried out according to the IVS standard (2020). The completeness of the documentation of the ECM is also checked.

Asset valuation of rolling stock portfolio of a leasing company

Customer: International financial investor

For the purpose of refinancing the rolling stock portfolio of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr assesses the future value development of the rolling stock against the background of the transport market development, the resulting possibilities for vehicle reutilisation and the leasing rates achievable in the market. As these are fungible standard vehicles, a discount cash flow (DCF) approach is applied, using a critical appraisal of the expected market conditions.

Market value analysis diesel shunting locomotives

Customer: European rail freight operator

On behalf of a European rail freight operator, SCI Verkehr appraised a fleet of diesel shunting locomotives. For this, SCI Verkehr analysed the supply and demand situation of the respective assets and carried out a cost-based DRC valuation to determine the current market value (FV and OLV).

Public Consulting Examples

Challenges of the demographic change for the local rail passenger transport in North Rhine-Westphalia

Customer: State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Initiative Bahn NRW

On behalf of the "Initiative Bahn NRW" of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, SCI Verkehr conducted a study concerning the challenges of the demographic change for the local rail passenger transport in North Rhine-Westphalia. Based on previous research, SCI Verkehr developed demographic and further input parameters for a traffic prognosis concerning the local rail passenger transport up to 2030. The results of the prognosis were prepared for discussions with different players.

Management LOG-IT CLUB

Customer: LOG-IT Club e.V.

Since the foundation of the LOG-IT Club e.V. in November 2002, SCI Verkehr has conducted the business of the association. This includes the support of the association committees, account management, budgetary control and acceptance of new members.

Development of activities for opening new markets for small-business enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe

Customer: Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Mittelstand, Technologie und Verkehr des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (The Ministry for Economy and Small Business, Energy and Traffic of State North Rhine-Westphalia) Main contractor and project management: h.e.a.D. GmbH, D

Preparation of preliminary study ?Development of activities for opening new markets in Central and Eastern Europe for small business enterprises from Target-2-Areas in North Rhine Westphalia" with identification of market potential and individual projects and the establishment of contacts with project carriers in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Consultancy service to and support of small and medium-sized enterprises from North Rhine Westphalia in market development in the chosen countries. Development of a catalogue of activities and servicing concept and of the corporate structure of PPP-Gesellschaft WIR.NRW GmbH with inclusion of State NRW and the enterprises for the sustained support of NRW companies when entering the market in the target countries. Installation of Beteiligungsgesellschaft (associated company) IN.NRW AG for NRW companies. Preparation of project structure for the implementation of the North Rhine-Westphalia ??????..for the Central and Eastern Eurpean countries.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Support for a liquidation process

Customer: Asset appraiser

SCI Verkehr supports a liquidation process of a freight wagon fleet in Eastern Europe. It analyses the economic feasibility of the process and checks the plausibility of costs in different scenarios.

Feasibility study for the creation of a logistics competence center (InLog) in the eastern Ruhr district

Customer: Hamm Society for the Promotion of Economic Development

In the context of the eastern Ruhr district?s ?Initiatve Logistik,? the Hamm, Unna and Dortmund Societies for the Promotion of Economic Development are planning a model project for the development of a logistics competence center called ?InLog.? Within this competence center, the service areas of companies interested in settling in the area would be combined. A feasibility study outlined company services in concrete terms and examined inter-community hosting possibilities as and well as potential private sector participation. In addition, the study determined sensible legal- and corporate models, including a cost estimate and funding possibilities. It also proposed a master plan for the realisation of the project.

Market study on freight wagon leasing


SCI Verkehr supported a newly-founded leasing company by preparing a market study and analysing standard market input parameters for a business plan.

Process optimisations Examples

Strategic realignment of leading European freight railway

Customer: Leading European freight railway

The commissioning railway company active in European rail freight transport is in an economically strained situation with clearly decreasing market shares, declining transport services and unsatisfactory performance. Defined objectives of the company are to increase production stability, reorganise operations of sales and production as well as increasing productivity and economic improvement of selected areas of operation. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to monitor and accompany the process as expert consultant.

Consultancy services for negotiations regarding follow-up infrastructure contract

Customer: Industrial company

The contract between DB Netz AG and an industrial company concerning the operation of a siding was unilaterally terminated and is going to be replaced by a new agreement to terms in line with the market. SCI Verkehr advised the siding operator on all technical and strategic issues, independently conducted the dialogue with DB Netz AG, reviewed all essential documents and took part in the official negotiations for the contract.