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Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Supporting change processes and personnel planning of a rail freight transport company

Customer: Rail freight transport company

A leading provider of rail freight transport services is planning to reorganise its customer support according to market requirements. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to evaluate envisaged and partly already implemented measures and to support coordinating personnel planning in terms of participation .

Evaluation operational excellence in logistics centre

Customer: Global player of the beverage industry

In 2012, SCI Verkehr carried out an "Operational Excellence Project" at a logistics site of a beverage manufacturer. As part of the project, the operational logistics processes were developed completely new and logistics infrastructure were adapted to the changed processes. Six months after completion of the project, SCI Verkehr evaluated the project results at the site to keep the (logistics) performance at a high level.

Due diligence support rolling stock portfolio

Customer: Private equity fund

On behalf of a private equity company, SCI Verkehr determined the fair market value of locomotives and freight wagons in the context of a commercial due diligence. SCI Verkehr analysed various re-use scenarios.

Market Analyses Examples

Rail freight market Southeast Europe

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr prepared an overview of the rail freight market in Southeast Europe. Focus markets were Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. In addition to transport performance, data on the freight wagon fleet and an overview of the leasing market in the region were provided.

Data supply freight wagon leasing market for strategic planning of investor

Customer: Investor

SCI Verkehr supports an investor in analysing price developments and leasing rates of selected freight wagon types for strategic direction planning of the customer in the leasing market.

Commercial Due Diligence process to acquire a freight car leasing company

Customer: International Infrastructure Manager

SCI Verkehr assists an internationally active infrastructure manager in a CDD process, to acquire a freight car leasing company. Business plan assumptions and the target's growth strategy are reviewed.

Asset Valuations Examples

Valuation of a freight wagon portfolio

Customer: Freight wagon lessor

For a leasing company, SCI Verkehr GmbH evaluated a freight wagon portfolio. Focus for the report is an analysis of freight and freight wagon markets in Eastern Europe.

Asset valuation of intermodal wagons

Customer: Freight wagon leasing company

On behalf of a European freight wagon leasing company, SCI Verkehr compiled an asset valuation of container and pocket wagons. The current market values of the wagons were determined by a asset value and capitalised earnings method.

Asset valuation of hybrid and dual-engine locomotives

Customer: Financial service provider

On behalf of a financial service provider, SCI Verkehr evaluated hybrid and dual-engine locomotives. One focus was put on the opportunities and risk analysis of new drive technologies and the assessment of the market environment.

Public Consulting Examples

Challenges of the demographic change for the local rail passenger transport in North Rhine-Westphalia

Customer: State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Initiative Bahn NRW

On behalf of the "Initiative Bahn NRW" of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, SCI Verkehr conducted a study concerning the challenges of the demographic change for the local rail passenger transport in North Rhine-Westphalia. Based on previous research, SCI Verkehr developed demographic and further input parameters for a traffic prognosis concerning the local rail passenger transport up to 2030. The results of the prognosis were prepared for discussions with different players.

Assessment of economic consequences of reducing regionalisation funds

Customer: Transport Association Rhine-Ruhr

The reduction of regionalisation funds for short-distance passenger transport will have far-reaching effects on the range of transport on offer. The consequences for companies and employees will be of particular significance. SCI Verkehr has assessed the economic effects of the reduction of regionalisation funds in the form of a brief expert opinion.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Strategic concept freight wagon division

Customer: Railway operator

SCI Verkehr supports a leading railway operator in the conceptual reorganisation of essential parts of rail freight transport. For this purpose, available concepts are reviewed and new approaches to advancing this field of business are developed and evaluated. It is aimed at achieving higher efficiency in this segment by reorganising responsibilities and processes in production and sales.

Support CDD to an Intermodal Terminal

Customer: strategic investor

SCI Verkehr supported a strategic investor in its commercial due diligence on an intermodal terminal (rail-road) in Germany. This involved accompanying the development of the investor's valuation approach, assessing operational benefits/opportunities and analysing development potential.

Process optimisations Examples

Strategic realignment of leading European freight railway

Customer: Leading European freight railway

The commissioning railway company active in European rail freight transport is in an economically strained situation with clearly decreasing market shares, declining transport services and unsatisfactory performance. Defined objectives of the company are to increase production stability, reorganise operations of sales and production as well as increasing productivity and economic improvement of selected areas of operation. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to monitor and accompany the process as expert consultant.

Bid management maintenance services

Customer: International maintenance provider for rolling stock

SCI Verkehr supported an international maintenance provider for rolling stock and components with regards to bid management for services in the external market. This included conceptual, economic and editorial assistance in the context of tender preparation as well as operational and organisational support in the bid process.

Supporting outsourcing planning

Customer: Luxury foods manufacturer

A leading company in the luxury foods industry is planning to reorganise its distribution process, which it has performed itself with its own sites and vehicles up to now. The company now intends to contract these services to a logistics service provider (outsourcing). SCI Verkehr is checking the concept put together by the customer internally for plausibility and is giving useful advice for the further negotiations with the service provider.