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Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Support in reuse of regional rail vehicles

Customer: European leasing company

SCI Verkehr supported a leasing company operating all across Europe in the reuse of their own regional rail vehicle fleet. For this, suitable sub-networks were identified and analysed. The vehicle requirements of the transport contracts in question were assessed with regard to their technical feasibility and the resulting investments. Additionally, the valuation criteria for the operation of used vehicles were analysed. SCI Verkehr provided additional support in consulting with regional rail transport authorities.

Search for investors and purchasers

Customer: M & A Company

A European railway company is for sale. SCI Verkehr advised the company on possible suitable purchasers. The result was a detailed list of proposals that included similar companies interested in expansion as well as companies for which expansion would make sense. The list served as a basis for sales negotiations that are currently underway.

Disposal strategy of railway transport companies and leasing companies

Customer: Railway transport company

On behalf of an American railway transport company, SCI Verkehr has examined disposal strategies of European railway companies for locomotives and passenger coaches. The objective is to implement a benchmark according to which other railway companies carry out corresponding disposals. To determine the right point in time for the disposal in relation to the refurbishment of the respective vehicle types, various models have been identified and presented.

Market Analyses Examples

Analysis of demand and customers? requirements in the locomotive market

Customer: Vehicle manufacturer

On behalf of a locomotive manufacturer, the future demand for locomotives in Europe was analysed in terms of different power classes. In addition, discussions with customers and experts exposed the future requirements on locomotives in terms of technical fittings, financing, usage period, etc. The aim of the analysis was to align the manufacturer?s product portfolio, distribution activities and production structure for the future.

Requirements in the North American urban transport market

Customer: component manufacturer

For a component manufacturer, SCI Verkehr prepared an overview of the requirements in the North American market, in particular the USA. Different segments of urban transport were taken into account, namely city buses, LRVs and metros. For these segments, SCI Verkehr also prepared an overview of the current market volume as well as a forecast of the market development until 2026.

Overview of rail vehicle component providers in China

Customer: Medium-sized company

On behalf of a medium-sized company, SCI Verkehr GmbH has developed an overview of component suppliers in China.

Asset Valuations Examples

Current market value of shunting locomotives

Customer: International bank

Within the scope of an annual portfolio update, SCI Verkehr valuated a shunting locomotive fleet with regard to its current market value. For this purpose, the current original prices, leasing rates and the development within the used vehicle market were considered.

DRC valuation updates electric multiple units (EMU)

Customer: Financing bank

On behalf of a financing bank, SCI Verkehr determined the fair value of a fleet of electric multiple units (EMUs) and subsequently reviewed it regularly over a period of 5 years. The valuation was carried out according to the Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC) method. One focus of the analysis was on long-term possibilities for the redeployment of the multiple units. In particular, the European open access market was analysed.

Due Diligence locomotive fleet

Customer: International logistics company

SCI Verkehr supports an international logistics company in the context of a due diligence project involving the evaluation of a rolling stock fleet which is to be taken over in the course of a transaction. Valuation is conducted considering the cost-based DRC evaluation approach.

Public Consulting Examples

Quality standards in regional passenger transport

Customer: Transport association

SCI Verkehr supported a transport association in the development of a guideline for quality standards in public transport. For this purpose, legal requirements, local transport plans and other literature sources were evaluated. In addition, SCI Verkehr worked with the transport association to develop an attractive, public presentation of the quality standards.

Technical/economical assessment of new development and upgrading of a testing centre

Customer: Public sector

On behalf of national and regional authorities, SCI Verkehr examined the new development and upgrading of a testing centre for rolling stock and infrastructure components in an EU country. This primarily involved the analysis of future test requirements and test potential as well as transferring this information into a technical/economical analysis to identify the optimum upgrade level for the current volume of funding.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Support for reorganising industrial processes


The German subsidiary of a global beverage company wanted to reorganise its structures in the fields of administration, sales, logistics and vending. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to examine and further develop the documents and scenarios that had been prepared. In addition, SCI Verkehr accompanied negotiations with the employee representatives, and prepared content for the negotiations.

Environmental criteria in short-distance passenger rail transport competition

Customer: Allianz pro Schiene

On behalf of Allianz pro Schiene, SCI Verkehr is analysing the importance of ecological-related decision-making criteria within the German competition market for short-distance passenger rail transport. For this, environmental criteria are going to be analysed with regard to completed awards of short-distance passenger rail transport services and their future importance.

Economic assessment of automation potentials in rail operation

Customer: Rail operator

SCI Verkehr prepares a cost driver analysis for operational processes which is aimed at evaluating automation potentials in the context of feasibility assessment and, thus, at enabling an investment decision regarding the digitalisation of processes.

Process optimisations Examples

Bid management maintenance services

Customer: International maintenance provider for rolling stock

SCI Verkehr supported an international maintenance provider for rolling stock and components with regards to bid management for services in the external market. This included conceptual, economic and editorial assistance in the context of tender preparation as well as operational and organisational support in the bid process.

Support in restructuring process in rail freight transport

Customer: Market-leading freight transport company

Against the background of the global economic and financial crisis, a short-term need for a reaction and restructuring arose for a leading company in the freight transport sector. SCI Verkehr GmbH supported the client as a professional expert in close consultation with management. We reviewed the measures developed, compiled alternative scenarios and provided professional support in the negotiations.

Development of intermodal transport terminal

Customer: Engineering firm

A Dutch logistics group is interested in setting up a terminal for road/rail transfer. The terminal focuses on seaport hinterland traffic of North Sea ports. SCI Verkehr was tasked with testing the feasibility in cooperation with partners (with special regard to rail connectivity) and working out a grant application according to the intermodal transport guidelines