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  • China switching from rail expansion to efficiency in latest five-year plan
    Source: IRJ, 12th May 2021 [more...]
  • Remainder of 2020 looks bleak for rail
    Source: IRJ, 3rd June 2020 [more...]
  • Briefing, page 6
    Source: Railway Gazette International, June 2020 [more...]
  • Covid-19 crisis is hitting the rail industry hard, consultancy finds
    Source: Railway Gazette, 7th May 2020 [more...]
  • SCI Verkehr forecasts huge drop in 2020 European passenger rail traffic
    Source: IRJ, 6th May 2020 [more...]
  • Alstom to Buy Bombardier Train Unit for Up to $6.7 Billion
    Source: Bloomberg, 17th February 2020 [more...]
  • Bombardier has Choice between Trains or Jets with China Pressing
    Source: Financial Post, February 2020 [more...]
  • Going off the boil
    Source: Railway Gazette International, February 2019, p. 3 [more...]
  • Export drive expected as Chinese market loses momentum
    Source: Railway Gazette, 11th January 2019 [more...]
  • Standing up to China - Brussels urged to allow European 'champion' firms to emerge
    Source: Handelsblatt Today, 11th January 2019 [more...]
  • Prototype wagons promise a quieter future
    Source: Railway Gazette International, September 2018, p. 60 [more...]
  • The International Cross-Sectoral Balance and Transport Corridors
    Source: SPIEF´18, 24th March 2018 [more...]
  • France and Germany got their railbus. Will the EU let them build it?
    Source: Bloomberg, 15th November 2017 [more...]
  • German rail industry to annually grow by 3.4%
    Source: Railway Pro, 30th October 2017 [more...]
  • German rail market growth rate exceeds global trend
    Source: IRJ 27th, October 2017 [more...]
  • Canada's Bombardier eyes options after blows to rail, aero units
    Source: Reuters, 28th September 2017 [more...]
  • El matrimonio de Alstom y Siemens
    Source: Expansión, 28th September 2017 [more...]
  • After Merger, Alstom, Siemens Forget About High-Speed-Rail Feud
    Source: Bloomberg, 27th September 2017 [more...]
  • Chinese snapping at heels of European infrastructure suppliers
    Source: IRJ, 17th May 2017 [more...]
  • Hauled stock market bounces back
    Source: RGI, August 2016 [more...]
  • Africa's $30 Billion Rail Renaissance Holds Ticket for Trade
    Source: Bloomberg, 8th April 2016 [more...]
  • CRC's plans to invest USD 122bn in rail infrastructure in 2016 herald ongoing sector boom
    Source: ICORP, 22th January 2016 [more...]
  • Track market in consolidation
    Source: IRJ, October 2015 [more...]
  • Worldwide alternative energy bus sales continue to rise
    Source: Eurotransport, 24th July 2015 [more...]
  • El Ferrocarril de carga gana peso
    Source: El País, 6th March 2015 [more...]
  • SCI in the DSB business report, starting on page 16                  
    Source: Danske Statsbaner, 26th August 2014 [more...]
  • New players gain ground in infrastructure market
    Source: IRJ, May 2014 [more...]
  • Atouts et faiblesses des chemins de fer africains
    Source: Le Rail, November 2013 Nr. 201 [more...]
  • Diesel locomotive market grwoing despite weak European demand
    Source: IRJ, 12 August 2013 [more...]
  • La falta de actividad Llevará a la destrucciòn de parte de los vagones en Espagna
    Source: El Vigía, 22 July 2013 [more...]
  • African market excites international suppliers
    Source: International Railway Journal, July 2013 [more...]
  • Freight wagon market worth a record 12bn Euro in 2012
    Source: International Railway Journal, 07 June 2013 [more...]
  • Voies ferrées: parents pauvres du marché ferroviaire?
    Source: Le Rail, Mai 2013 No. 28 [more...]
  • The permanent way - very essence of the railway, but poor relation of the railway market?
    Source: RTR, February 2013 [more...]
  • Growth forecast for railway electrification
    Source: Rail Business India, March 2013 [more...]
  • Bombardier Goes Loco Over Electrics as GE Digs Diesel
    Source: Bloomberg, 24.09.2012 [more...]
  • Hard-fought market for commuter and regional rail transport
    Source: Der Eilzug, July 2012 [more...]
  • Global rail traffic makes a rapid recovery 
    Source: International Railway Journal Feb. 2011 [more...]
  • Deutsche Bahn aims to bolster its logistics business 
    Source: DW-World 27.01.2011 [more...]
  • Freight wagon business moves east
    Source:International Railway Journal July 2011 [more...]
  • Global rail traffic makes a rapid recovery 
    Source:International Railway Journal Feb. 2011 [more...]
  • Deutsche Bahn aims to bolster its logistics business 
    Source: DW-World 27.01.2011 [more...]
  • La première incursion dans le Tunnel n'est qu'une étape pour Deutsche Bahn
    Source:AFP, 13. October 2010 [more...]
  • The rise of Chinese railway diplomacy
    Source:International Railway Journal, October 2010 [more...]
  • World market to reach 160 billion by 2015
    Source:International Railway Journal, September 2010 [more...]