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Rail Consulting

Transport has always been at the heart of progress and civilisation. Various modes and forms of transport are vital as they evolve to meet today’s demands.

Always on the right track in an ever changing world

Throughout history, one form of transport in particular stands out – rail. Railways conjure up all sorts of images: travel, adventure and discovery; commerce, business and networking; slow-moving landscapes, rushing scenery and memorable journeys; chance encounters, fortuitous meetings and new relationships. Railways have shaped our world and interactions, and are likely to continue to do so for many years to come.

SCI Verkehr has been at the forefront of railway transportation and rail consulting since its founding in 1988. Our business model is simple: we believe in giving sound advice backed by solid research and customised to the needs of our clients. Rail consulting is sometimes seen as a dirty word in the transport industry, synonymous with overpaid suits offloading container-loads of useless facts and shallow insights on hapless clients. We at SCI Verkehr believe that rail consulting can instead be a force for good business, a multi-purpose tool put at the disposal of clients for them to use as they see fit.

Knowledge is power

Data has always driven development. Yet raw data is of little use without human intelligence to give it form and function. SCI Verkehr turns data into knowledge and knowledge into power through smart rail consulting. Through supplying our customers with rail consulting – knowledge that has been gained from years of experience – we provide them with the fuel they need in order to run their businesses at peak performance and with maximum efficiency. We go the extra mile because we know that your success is our success.

Stay on track with SCI Verkehr. Rail consulting and data-driven development customised to your needs.

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