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Buses – Global Market Trends 2022

Worldwide market - Regional differentiated - Installed fleet - Future procurement potential - Regional production capacities - Factsheets of largest manufacturer

Date: 26/04/2022

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Present and future market volumes - Installed fleet - Forecast until 2026 - Overview of regional production capacities - Analysis of market share by region - Factsheets for the largest Bus manufacturer


The pandemic, with imposed curfew and lockdown measures has resulted in a sharp decline of vehicle sales, production, and transport performance. The global market volume in EUR declined by around 28% in 2020. As of 2021, the global bus market has diminished to its size of 2013. The suspension of bus services globally has led to a fleet reduction of around 1.3% in the first year of the pandemic 2020. 


While the global bus market in units will only reach pre-pandemic levels in the second half of the 2020s, the market volume in EUR will experience strong growth and reach former market volumes in 2022/2023 already. The market volume in EUR is expected to grow strongly and reach its pre-pandemic levels by 2022/2023. The strong growth of market volume in EUR can be attributed to the growing electrification of bus fleets. Also, the recently higher inflation rates throughout the world have an impact on the market volume in EUR. Whereas China’s bus industry particularly for transit buses is practically rearranged to electric propulsion, increasingly other markets, such as South America and Europe develop dynamically.


In concrete terms, this MultiClient Study includes:

  • A look at the worldwide market for buses differentiated by region
  • An analysis of the relevant market data including present and future market volumes
  • Information concerning the installed fleet and future procurement potential until 2026
  • An assessment of current developments and growth drivers of the worldwide bus markets in the individual regions
  • An overview of regional production capacities and major bus manufacturers including an analysis of the market shares by region
  • Factsheets for the largest bus manufacturers worldwide
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* Our compact MultiClient studies provide a harmonised view and definitions of the markets, prepare data on current stocks and forecasts, document current trends and provide detailed and comprehensive information on market and industry developments.