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Multiple Units - Global Market Trends 2022

Geographical differentiation - Comprehensive analysis - Procurement potential until 2030 - Forecast of OEM and after sales until 2026 - Analysis of manufacturer market - List of projects

Date: 17/10/2022

Product type: Studies*

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pages: 196

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In times of global crises, SCI Verkehr expects the new market for multiple units in regional and local transport to be resilient despite numerous challenges. Planned procurements, especially of multiple units in Europe, are largely secured by the governments’ financial guarantees or are commissioned directly by the states or their regions. This underlines the resilience of the market in the coming years and provides room for additional opportunities, as SCI Verkehr points out in this MultiClient study. However, current global developments and an impending recession could also have far-reaching negative consequences in the rail vehicle industry. Subject to uncertainties, the global market volume for new vehicles in the multiple unit segment will increase from the current level of around 11.2 billion euros by approximately 5 billion euros by 2026, also due to high inflation.

Based on the current developments in rail transport, this study provides an in-depth analysis and well-founded assessment of the regional and country markets for diesel, electric and alternatively powered vehicles (e.g. hydrogen or batteries).

In concrete terms, this MultiClient Study includes:

  • Geographically differentiated insights of the worldwide market for multiple units in regional and commuter transport, including in-depth analyses of the most important national markets
  • Key transport market statistics at regional and country level, including figures in transport performance relevant for multiple units
  • Comprehensive analyses of the fleet of multiple units in terms of operational purposes, quantities, age structure and future procurement potential up to 2030
  • Forecast of OEM and after-sales volumes (in EUR) for each region until 2026
  • A type-specific evaluation and forecast of future vehicle demand, divided into the main categories electric (EMU), diesel-powered (DMU) and alternative (XMU)
  • Analysis of manufacturer market shares per region and focus country, including procurement over the last five years
  • Detailed listing of major ongoing and planned procurement projects

Overall, the study provides profound analyses of the global market for multiple units in regional and commuter transport. It offers decisive, complete and differentiated information that are important for the operational and strategic planning of players in the transport and rail industry. Building on the successful previous study from 2020, SCI Verkehr has verified and analysed the key inputs from its in-house database.

Optionally available with the data annex in Excel format

  • All numbers concerning fleets, deliveries and market shares are transparently and comprehensively available
  • Apply the data sets for an individual evaluation and configuration or to access and supplement available market data

Find an exemplary data annex here.

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* Our compact MultiClient studies provide a harmonised view and definitions of the markets, prepare data on current stocks and forecasts, document current trends and provide detailed and comprehensive information on market and industry developments.