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European Market Review - Analysis of 10 Core Markets - High Speed Trains - Locomotives - Railcars - Market Sizes

Date: 01/06/2022

Product type: Studies*

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The nationwide ETCS roll-out in Europe has so far fallen far short of expectations. The current and medium-term focus is on equipping the European rail corridors by 2030. The EU member states are obliged to do this and receive extensive subsidies from the Union. Therefore, most countries focus their activities on equipping these corridors - but still with varying degrees of commitment.


The newly published study analyses the current status of track and rolling stock equipment in 10 focus countries as well as in the European market as a whole and shows that pioneers such as Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium are implementing ETCS as a standard, while large railway markets such as Germany or France are very hesitant about equipping the entire area. Although a significant increase in the level of equipment on the track is produced by 2030, it will take considerably longer until the system is uniformly used in all European markets and equipped vehicles have a real added value.

The study specifically includes:

  • An examination of the European market for ETCS re-equipment - both trackside and on-board.
  • An analysis of 10 core markets as well as the remaining country markets as a synopsis. The analyses are based on concrete project planning in the individual markets, programmes and plans for future equipment and a derived estimate of the market sizes and their development.
  • A differentiated analysis by type of transport for rolling stock: high-speed traffic, locomotives, multiple units
  • A presentation of the respective market sizes in unit or kilometre numbers and turnover values
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