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SCI Multiclient Studies define a standard for systematic market observation with harmonised view and definition of the markets, prepare data on current stocks and forecasts, document current trends and provide detailed and comprehensive information on market and industry development.
Our offer of the data appendix in Excel format enables a transparent and comprehensive overview of the numbers used in the reports. Apply the data sets for an individual evaluation and configuration or to assess and supplement available market data. Please find an exemplary data annex and flyer for a MultiClient Study here.

Our Market Reports focus on the individual market regions covered in the MultiClient Studies. They provide a compact overview of definitions, inventory and forecast data as well as current trends in the respective markets in written and graphic form. The world market is divided into the market regions North, Central and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Russia and the CIS as well as Asia and Australia.
As in the MultiClient studies, the market reports also offer an optional data attachment in Excel format, which clearly presents all the figures used in the study. Please find an exemplary Excel data annex and a flyer for a Market Report here.

In its factsheets, SCI Verkehr offers comprehensive information on companies active in international rail business: A factsheet presents the current product and service portfolio of the respective company, contains information on important KPI’s of the last five years, the company history and structure and also provides facts and figures on its current and future strategic orientation. Depending on the company, the factsheet lists the production sites in detail by region and capacity and also gives an overview of important and current contracts, new product platforms as well as major cooperations and joint ventures.
Please find an exemplary Factsheet here.

Our Data Compilations in Excel format provide relevant figures transparently and at a glance. Selectable for the Data Compilations are always the categories

  • fleet size/ age structure
  • market volume and forecast of OEM and after-sales (in EUR) +/- 5 years
  • market shares of the top 5 plus “others”
  • project lists from 2010

These are available for the following vehicle types (worldwide or Europe-wide):

  • locomotive (diesel and electro locomotive)
  • multiple units (DMU and EMU) and high-speed trains
  • urban rail (metro and light rail vehicles)

Alternatively, you can choose between the following regions for all the above mentioned vehicle types:

  • Europe (Western and Eastern Europe)
  • America (North, Central and South America)
  •  Asia

If you are interested in all vehicle types and all world market regions, the complete packages are available to you.

The basis of our Data Compilations is our SCI Database, which with its continuously updated key figures on companies, vehicle fleets and network infrastructure enables fast and individual analyses and evaluations.

Data Compilations are updated every six months. If you are interested in updating your Data Compilations or an individual offer, please contact

Please find the combination options and an exemplary Data Compilation here.

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