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  • Rail Vehicle Maintenance – Global Market Trends in the After Sales Market 2021SCI Verkehr expects the global vehicle maintenance market to grow by 3.9% annually until 2024. The market is thus significantly more dynamic than the new vehicle business.
  • Worldwide Market for Railway Industries 2020The current worldwide market for railway technology in 2019 is EUR 190.9 billion. According to an estimate by SCI Verkehr, the market will grow by 2.2% p.a. to EUR 213.2 billion in 2024. This means that the railway industry will remain a growth market despite the current developments. However, the increase is much smaller than expected before the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Railway Electrification - Global Market Trends 2021The current global market volume for railway electrification is approx. EUR 9.6 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 0.7% per year until 2025. Therefore, the market maintains a high volume in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative consequences on public funds for investments.
  • Freight Wagons - Global Market Trends 2020After an all-time high in 2018/2019, a calming of the market already began at the end of 2019 even without the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The influential country markets of China and Russia are mainly responsible for this.
  • The European railway market 2021 – Covid-19 crisis and market trendsThe COVID-19 crisis marks a turning point for the European rail market. While rail freight transport has come through the crisis relatively unscathed and has almost returned to pre-crisis levels, passenger rail transport has slumped dramatically in 2020 - and the current year hardly promises to be any better.

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Germany / DB Cargo plans framework agreement for 250 hybrid locomotives

German rail freight operator DB Cargo has launched a negotiated procedure with prior call for competition through which the operator aims to sign a framework agreement for the delivery of up to 250 hybrid locomotives. Delivery of the locomotives is scheduled to start between 24 and 36 months after the first call. Once the framework agreement is signed, DB Cargo plans to place an initial order for 50 locomotives. Requests to participate can be submitted until 22nd April 2021, and bids must remain valid until 30th November 2021.
Source: Official Journal of the European Union 02.04.2021

Poland / H. Cegielski and Kiruna jointly developing new bulk freight wagon 

The Polish company H. Cegielski is planning to produce freight wagons, and has developed a prototype for a bulk freight wagon together with the Swedish company Kiruna Wagon. After negotiations with Kiruna, H. Cegielski has obtained the licence rights to produce special freight wagons on the basis of a technology transfer.
Source: 03.04.2021

France / Government to consolidate SNCF Réseau’s debt into state accounts

The French government has announced it is planning to consolidate the debt of infrastructure operator SNCF Réseau into state accounts. According to SNCF Réseau this is problematic, as the Ministry of Finance’s interest is to limit investment that increases national debt, while the Ministry of Transport supports investment to enhance productivity. The French government’s plan is considered to meet a requirement from the European Commission’s (EC) statistical office Eurostat. The government depreciated EUR 25 billion of SNCF Réseau’s accumulated debt on 1st January 2020, and proposals envisage that a further EUR 10 billion will be depreciated in 2022. Accordingly, investment projects to rationalise the railway infrastructure would require authorisation from the Ministry of Finance as far as SCNF Réseau is concerned. The planned arrangement would undermine SNCF Réseau’s rationalisation plans.
Source: Ville Rail & Transports 07.04.2021

Italy / FSI reports EUR 562 million loss in 2020

Italian state railway FSI has reported a loss of EUR 562 million in 2020, with revenues down 12.8% to EUR 10.8 billion. EBITDA fell by 37.4% to EUR 1.6 billion, EBIT by 133.5% to EUR -278 million. The coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact of about EUR 1.7 billion on turnover and EUR 999 million on EBIT. Turnover in passenger rail transport fell by EUR 2.4 billion and turnover in rail freight transport fell by EUR 75 million. Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, passenger-km fell by 55.3%.
Source: FSI press release 31.03.2021

France / Safra and Symbio to build 1,500 hydrogen buses

French manufacturer Safra and Symbio, a joint venture (JV) between Michelin and Faurecia, have partnered to produce 1,500 hydrogen-powered buses. The companies have already collaborated on the production of Safra\'s Businova hydrogen bus, which uses a fuel-cell system from Symbio. From December 2021, the companies plan to jointly deliver 1,500 hydrogen buses with a length of 12 m. The buses will have a hydrogen cell with a capacity of 45 kWh.
Source: Electrive 08.04.2021