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Germany / VDV reports new public transport passenger record for 2018

The German Association of Transport Companies VDV has published the 2018 figures for passengers using regional public transport services, as well as information on ticket revenues and ticket price growth. In 2018, a total of 10.4 billion passengers used buses and trains, thus achieving a record result for the transport companies for the 21st year in a row. Passenger growth of 0.6%, however, was significantly lower than in previous years. The need to modernise and expand infrastructure is an obstacle to further strong growth. There is a shortfall of around EUR 5 billion for the renewal of lines, stops and stations on the urban public transport network. Ticket revenues rose by 1.3% compared to 2017, reaching a total of EUR 12.95 billion. Ticket prices rose by 1.4%, which is below the inflation rate of 1.9%.
Source: VDV press release 13.02.2019

Switzerland / SBB receives bonus for reliability of suburban services in Zurich

In 2018, Swiss state railway SBB made sure that the trains on the suburban rail network around Zurich, which is being administered by the local transport authority ZVV, were extremely reliable in terms of punctuality. As a result of this excellent performance, SBB received a bonus worth EUR 1.8 million (CHF 2 million). Automated time measurements, which have been implemented through infrastructure expansions and numerous timetable adjustments during the past few years, have shown that suburban trains around Zurich were exceptionally punctual and reliable in 2018, and that the operator was able to ensure the vast majority of all connections. As a result, the predefined value, which is bonus neutral, was considerably exceeded. This resulted in a bonus of EUR 1.59 million in terms of automatically measured punctuality. The cleanliness of the trains and the stations as well as information for passengers in case of disruptions were also evaluated. This was realised through passenger surveys in most cases. In this respect, SBB was able to slightly improve the results from 2017. This resulted in a bonus of EUR 210,000.
Source: ZVV press release 08.02.2019

Australia / Momentum Trains consortium to deliver new EMUs for NSW

The government for the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) has awarded a contract to the Momentum Trains consortium for the delivery of new electric multiple units (EMU) through the Regional Rail Fleet project. The consortium comprises CAF, UGL Rail Services, Pacific Partnerships, CAF Investment Projects and DIF Infrastructure V Coöperatief. The contract includes project financing, designing, building and maintaining the new regional rail fleet as well as designing, building, maintaining and operating the new purpose-built fleet maintenance facility in Dubbo. NSW TrainLink will continue to operate regional rail services. Momentum Trains will start work on detailed designs for the Dubbo maintenance facility and the new fleet in 2019. The first new EMUs are expected to be running by 2023, with the full fleet coming into service progressively.
Source: Transport for NSW press release 14.02.2019

Germany / DB Systemtechnik modernises 20 AVG mid-floor LRVs

Karlsruhe-based public transport operator Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (AVG) is modernising 20 mid-floor light rail vehicles (LRV) of the type GT8/100D/2S-M from rail vehicle manufacturer Siemens through DB Systemtechnik. In a Europe-wide tendering process, the German state railway subsidiary DB Systemtechnik was awarded the contract for the refurbishment of the LRVs, some of which have been in use by AVG since 1997. In addition, there is an option to repair a further 20 vehicles from this series. AVG has a total of 86 of these vehicles in its fleet. In DB\'s maintenance plant in Wittenberge, Brandenburg, the first two of these AVG LRVs have now been extensively refurbished over the past six months and delivered back to AVG. Before the refurbishment of the LRVs in Wittenberge, AVG had modernised the passenger compartments in its workshops at the Rhine port in Karlsruhe.
Source: AVG press release 08.02.2019


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