Can I select the type of news I want to receive?

Yes, every user can create his/her own personalized SCI RAILDATA issue. By clicking on "Account” -> "Your personal SCI RAILDATA Issue", you can select the messages displayed under “Home” by the contents that interest you. If you do not make a selection you will see the whole issue of SCI RAILDATA when you log in the next time.

Can I add additional users to my subscription?

As the administrator of a subscription, you can add users to your subscription at any time. You can find a list of all registered users under your account by clicking on “Account” and then “users”. You can add a new user at the bottom of the list and remember to send the password to the new user.

How many users can be added to a subscription?

The number of users you can add to your account depends on your subscription. If you want to add additional users but have already used up your user licences, you can extend your subscription package by clicking on “Account” -> “Subscription”.

Can I change the administrator of the subscription?

Yes, as the current administrator you always have the option to change to another administrator. You can change the administrator by clicking on “Account” -> “Personal Data”. When you create a new administrator, remember to send the login-data by clicking on the corresponding button.

Who is the administrator of my account?

You can see who the administrator of your subscription is by clicking on “Account” -> “Personal Data”. The name of the administrator is above your personal data.

I missed an issue. Where can I find it?

Under "Issue" you will find all complete SCI RAILDATA issues published online. Use the arrows pointing downwards to select your desired edition. With the left and right pointing arrow keys you can jump back and forth between the issues. You can find the pdf to the corresponding issue by clicking on the red button above the table of contents. Please be advised that the pdf document is four your personal use only and distributing it to a third party is strictly forbidden.

Why am I asked for my phone number?

SCI wants to ensure that the readers do not miss an issue of SCI RAILDATA. We contact our readers by phone If the E-Mail with the latest issue failed to send. A phone number helps us to resolve any issues in case the E-Mail address of a user is not correct.

I have found an interesting piece of news and would like it to be published in the next issue of SCI RAILDATA. Is this possible?

You are welcome to send news items that interest you to Our editorial team will consider you message and publish it if suitable.

Your question has not been answered yet? No worries, you can contact our subscription and reader service. Phone: +49 221 931 78 25