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MultiClient study: Worldwide Market for Railway Industries 2018

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The global railway market: Increase in new business - alternative drive technologies and digitalisation will shape the upcoming five years


The global market for railway technology is seeing a stronger growth course, with a current market volume of EUR 183 billion and an expected annual growth rate of 2.8%. In the study “Worldwide Market for Railway Industries”, which has been published in time for the InnoTrans 2018, particularly good prospects are expected for new business, as the annual growth rate has increased from 1.3% (2016) to 2.4%. In addition to the high performance of rail-based transportation systems, both environmental protection and decarbonisation have developed into significant growth drivers.

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However, a number of uncertainties exist regarding the forecasted growth. In particular, the high political and economic uncertainty as well as growing protectionism could greatly challenge the market. These uncertainties affect long-term infrastructure projects in particular, as investment security becomes doubtful in some regions and countries.

Important technological market trends are technologies for alternative drives to reduce emissions as well as the digitalisation and automation of railway transport in order to achieve the long-term objective of “autonomous transport”. It is therefore crucial to set the right course for the future, in order to continue to withstand the growing competitive pressures arising through other modes of transportation.

The Chinese rail market is losing momentum and will stagnate up to 2022. Great potential lies in rail freight transport between Asia and Europe, although it is starting from a modest level. Established markets such as Europe and North America are now coming into focus more strongly, with an annual growth rate of around 4%. This positive development has especially been driven by the renewal of existing networks, expansion of rail transport in metropolitan areas and digital modernisation.

The consolidation of the railway market is accelerating further through the announced mergers of Siemens and Alstom as well as of GE and Wabtec. The competitive pressure is continually increasing. CRRC continues as the undisputed market leader and will have to focus even more on its international activities than previously.

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