Metro Vehicles - Global Market Trends 2019

The worldwide market for metro vehicles continues to grow: Also for the next five years, SCI Verkehr, a consulting company specialised in the railway industry, expects an annual increase in demand of about 3%, despite a currently already high market volume, although China as the largest market (46% of the global market volume of new procurements) stagnates at a high level. 15% annual growth is expected in Western and Eastern Europe until 2023.The market development of new procurements in Europe is driven by replacement purchases necessary to ensure urban mobility. The worldwide After-Sales market continues to grow dynamically by almost 6% p.a. due to continuously increasing fleet sizes. Find out more about the key findings of this publication in our press release.

SCI Verkehr, the consulting company specialised in railway technology analysed current size, structure and players of the worldwide markets for metro vehicles and developed forecasts for the next five years.

In concrete terms, this MultiClient Study includes:

  • A regionally differentiated look at the worldwide market for metro vehicles including an in-depth analysis of all important markets of the individual countries. Network length, installed base and average vehicle age in 2018 of all cities operating a metro system are provided
  • An overview of the most important drivers behind the procurement and refurbishment of metro vehicles in the individual regions
  • A comprehensive analysis of the current fleet stocks concerning quantities and age structures as well as future procurement potential up to 2023. An analysis of the current market shares of important manufacturers as well as a forecast of future vehicle requirements of customers up to 2023
  • A worldwide presentation of metro systems, future infrastructure projects and forecast of network development up to 2030
  • An overview of metro vehicle manufacturers including a brief description of their current range of products and services as well as production capacities
  • A condensed presentation of the most important fleet-specific features of metro vehicles of all countries presented in detail and regions in the form of diagrams

Now also available with the data annex in Excel format

  • All numbers concerning markets and installed bases are transparently and comprehensively available
  • Apply the data sets for an individual evaluation and configuration or to access and supplement available market data



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Metro Vehicles - Global Market Trends 2019

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