Buses - Global Market Trends 2017

In all regions across the globe, buses remain the most widespread public transport mode. Their demand goes hand in hand with several, mostly region-specific factors, including demographics, increasing mobility of people and environmental awareness, as well as public funding. Buses are comparatively to other transportation modes cheap and easy to use, since their use does not necessarily require the implementation of a specific infrastructure. This makes buses ideal vehicles for both short- and long-distance services.

Based on the current developments, this study offers a comprehensive insight into the structure, volumes and development trends of the worldwide bus market.

In concrete terms, this MultiClient Study includes:

  • A regionally differentiated look at the worldwide market for buses
  • A comprehensive analysis of the relevant market data including present and future market volumes
  • Information concerning the installed fleet and future procurement potential until 2022
  • An assessment of current developments and growth drivers of the wordlwide bus market in the individual regions
  • An overview of bus manufacturers including an analysis of the market shares, financial backups as well as brief description of the current production portfolio and strategy outlook
  • A list of the major production facilities in each of the regions including product range as well as production capacities
  • Presentation of the development stage of alternative propulsions, their manufacturers and their occurrence worldwide