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MultiClient study: Metro Vehicles - Global Market Trends 2017

Global market for metro vehicles is growing less dynamically than before


The market for Metro vehicles continues to grow worldwide, but at a slower rate as the years before: In the coming five years, the railway-industry specialist consultancy firm SCI Verkehr expects an annual growth of 1-2% for the OEM market starting from a very high current market volume with more than 8 billion EUR. Very high growth rates in Europe and Africa/Middle East are offset by low growth or slightly decreasing rates in Asia, North America and the CIS. The Chinese manufacturer CRRC Corp. Ltd. has already almost 60% world market share, with an increasing tendency due to new contracts in large markets as the USA and India, as well as Turkey and countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Global urbanisation is the decisive driver for demand. The number of cities and their average size are constantly increasing. Besides this, metro systems have constantly grown to be become the backbone of secure mobility. In 2016, 159 metro systems were in operation worldwide, whereas in 2013 there were 152 metro systems, in 2000 only 107, and in 1990 only 84. The growth potential for the future new development of metro systems is enormous and will remain so in the future. Approximately 140 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants have no metro system. These metropolises are mainly located in Asia and Africa/Middle East.

In 2016, 12 300 route-km of metro networks were in operation. SCI Verkehr forecasts the network development in three scenarios. The forecast is based on the published new development and upgrade plans of the municipal operators. SCI Verkehr expects around 6 600 km of additional routes, compared to 2016, to be put into operation by 2022, and a further 4 400 km by 2026. This is mainly due to dynamic upgrade plans in China and India.
Between 2012 and 2016, the Chinese manufacturer CRRC Corp. Ltd. dominated the world market for new metro vehicles. CRRC emerged from former China North (CNR) and China South (CSR). Besides continuing high deliveries in the home country China and its leading position in Asia, CRRC holds top 1 positioning in the regions Eastern Europe and Africa/Middle East. For the future, SCI Verkehr expects the market shares of CRRC to further increase for two reasons: Firstly the Chinese market remains at a very high level and secondly, it is becoming more and more active in the international market. Large order backlogs from the USA and also India, one of the largest country markets, already exist.

SCI Verkehr GmbH, a consultancy firm specialised in railway engineering and logistics, has analysed the current size, structure and players of the worldwide market for metro vehicles and calculated forecasts for the coming five years. The complete study “Metro Vehicles – Global Market Trends” is now available.