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Free Access SCI Raildata

Free Access SCI Raildata

[17.03.2020] Solidarity in times of Covid19: SCI Verkehr opens its desired and usually fee-based knowledge portal SCI Raildata to everyone in the global rail industry

The Covid19 crisis is currently the biggest challenge of the global society. In an incredible speed, we are now experiencing how a virus is completely changing our lives, shutting down entire industries and the economy all over the world: Employees are no longer allowed to travel, trade fairs are cancelled, important meetings are postponed, many people are in quarantine or preventively work from home.

In these difficult times, SCI Verkehr wants to make a contribution to more industry information without the usual exchange with trade fairs, conferences or meetings: We are opening our knowledge portal SCI Raildata free of charge for all interested parties in the rail industry, initially for a limited period until Easter. In this way we are helping to ensure that all interested parties can stay informed about their industry from home.

SCI Raildata offers compact worldwide news on rail freight and passenger transport, politics and technology, projects on infrastructure as well as procurement and maintenance of vehicles, components, services and construction work. This contribution to solidarity will of course include free access to the extensive online database of the SCI Raildata where you will find bibliographies of exciting articles from the current press. Free access is expected to be available until Easter and does not require a separate cancellation.

You will find the free access to the SCI Raildata here.