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SCI Railindex

The business climate in the railway industry

The index is based on approximately 100 reports from representative companies in the global rail industry that assess their current business situation and expectations for the coming six months.

On a quarterly basis, the companies rate their situation as "good" "satisfactory" or "bad" and differentiate their business expectations according to the criteria "favourable", "stable" or "unfavourable".

SCI Global Rail Index I/2021

Reserved mood in the railway industry at the beginning of the year

Future expectations in the rail industry are positive - but the current situation is marked by scepticism. After a more optimistic Q4 2020, the business climate of the global rail industry shows a slight decline in Q1 2021, which will be due to the ongoing pandemic. The SCI RAIL BUSINESS INDEX shows: Assessments are ambivalent regarding the current business situation as the business situation is assessed as equally positive and negative. However, when it comes to expectations for the coming quarter, there is unanimity regarding to a significantly more positive development. Investment activity has declined discernibly compared to the previous year.

SCI Global Rail Index I/2021

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