The range of weekly industry news and 24/7 access to our Market Intelligence Platform includes short news on rail freight and passenger transport operators, politics and technology, infrastructure projects, procurement, maintenance of rail vehicles and all relevant tenders. More than 250,000 short news items, project histories, invitations to tender and exciting specialist articles on all aspects of rail are available to subscribers at any time - up to date and archived in digital format for over 24 years.

Knowledge is (market) power – particularly in the international rail industry. With SCI RAILDATA, SCI Verkehr has built up a comprehensive knowledge database since 1997. It already comprises more than 130,000 German and 65,000 English news articles and tenders relevant to the worldwide railway sector. On a daily basis, a qualified editorial team consisting of international market experts analyses press releases and business reports as well as trade journals and the daily press in order to summarise the important information on companies, technologies, and projects from the railway markets in brief.

  • Exclusive access to the SCI RAILDATA online database. Find out about current and past news by using the convenient full text search function. All articles refer to the precise source.
  • Weekly newsletter with the latest information from the railway markets around the world, including current tenders.

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