Finland / VR Transpoint completes negotiations to stop operations to Russia more

In September 2022, Finish rail transport operator VR Transpoint concluded negotiations to close its operations to Russia, after the decision was made in May 2022 (SCI RAILDATA Issue 19/2022). VR Transpoint's offices in Vainikkala, Niirala, Imatrankoski and Vartius will be closed. In addition, certain operations will be restructured, and some functions related to Eastern services will stop. VR Transpoint and train operations staff, totalling nearly 2,000 people, were involved in the negotiations. Approximately 70 people are affected by the adjustment needs. The changes will be implemented by the end of 2022, when VR Transpoint's Eastern services will also end. Source: VR Group press release 01.09.2022


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  • +Ukraine / Transport partnership with UK to rebuild infrastructure29.08.2022more

    The UK has signed an agreement with Ukraine to share engineering expertise and provide a new package of support to help rebuild Ukraine’s war-damaged infrastructure. The UK will also send five buses from the Go Ahead Group to support reconnecting the Ukrainian public and buy equipment to repair routes which are crucial for the exportation of grain. The Transport Secretary also outlined more detail about the EUR 11.8 million (GBP 10 million) Ukrainian state railway UZ support package, previously announced by the Prime Minister at the G7 Summit. This will buy bridge repair and tunnel lining equipment, key hand tools and more than 120 shipping containers, which will help mobilise Ukrainian grain trains, currently limited by Russian activity.
    Source: DfT press release 25.08.2022

  • +Ukraine / Interpipe publishes operating and financial results for Q1/202205.07.2022more

    Ukrainian pipe and wheel manufacturer Interpipe released its operating and financial results for the first quarter of 2022 (Q1/2022). According to Interpipe, revenue from product sales increased 19% compared to 2021, rising to EUR 229.06 million (USD 239 million), while EBITDA fell 63% to EUR 14.38 million (USD 15 million). Steel production also decreased by 16% to 163,000 t compared to 2021, as did the production of railway products by 43% to 23,000 t. 
    Source: Interpipe press release 29.06.2022

  • +Ukraine / Korotkov new CEO of Interpipe05.07.2022more

    Andriy Korotkov has been the new CEO of the Ukrainian pipe and wheel manufacturer Interpipe since 8th March 2022. Korotkov thus replaces Franz Josef Marx, who had been appointed CEO of Interpipe in February 2022 (SCI RAILDATA Issue 05/2022). Interpipe had terminated its contract with Marx as part of the war in Ukraine.
    Source: CTS 01.07.2022

  • +Germany / RailWatch provides technical condition data on freight wagons for LNG transport free of charge09.06.2022more

    The software developer RailWatch is making technical condition data of freight wagons travelling with liquefied natural gas (LNG) available free of charge. All companies that transport LNG by rail can request the data. The offer is initially valid until 30th June 2023.
    Source: RailWatch press release 08.06.2022

  • +Belarus / BKM listed in sixth EU sanctions package07.06.2022more

    Rolling stock manufacturer Belkommunmash (BKM) was listed in the sixth EU sanctions package published on 3rd June 2022. According to BKM, the company has delivered a total of 377 light rail vehicles (LRV) since 2000.
    Source: Railway Supply 06.06.2022

  • +Russia / RZD records losses from rail freight transport in May 2022 07.06.2022more

    Rail freight transport on the network of the Russian state railway RZD fell by 5.6% to 104.6 million t in May 2022 compared to May 2021. Transport performance also recorded losses in May 2022: a decrease of -0.4% to 226.8 billion tkm. RZD attributes this to the decline in international transit services. Since the start of the Ukraine war, RZD has reported a decline in load factors, down 2.4% in March 2022 and 5% in April 2022. For June 2022, RZD expects the trend to continue.
    Source: Railway Supply 04.06.2022

  • +Finland / Finnish authorities confiscate 1,000 Russian freight wagons24.05.2022more

    The Finnish authorities confiscated around 1,000 Russian freight wagons in spring 2022. The exact location of the freight wagons is not mentioned, but they are said to be held in marshalling yards. The wagons mostly belong to sub-sanctioned leasing companies, such as GTLK or VEB.RF. The value of the freight wagons is estimated at between EUR 20 million and EUR 50 million. Many wagons are said to be still loaded with freight, for example a freight wagon with 261,000 t of iron ore pellets worth up to EUR 49 million was found in Kokkola. A court decision is to decide on the further course of action in dealing with the confiscated freight wagons.
    Source: RZD Partner 23.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / EU suspends toll charges for imports20.05.2022more

    The European Union (EU) has suspended toll charges on imports from Ukraine for one year. On 19th May 2022, the EU Parliament approved a proposal from the European Commission (EC). According to internal information, this will primarily benefit exports of wheat and barley. According to this proposal, about 20 million t will have to leave the country in the next two months to make room for the new harvest. Land transport is hindered by the need to reload the grain for rail transport and by the driving ban for the majority of Ukrainian trucks, which only meet the Euro II emission standard.
    Source: Euractiv 20.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / Over 400 Russian freight wagons taken over19.05.2022more

    According to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, a total of 434 Russian freight wagons have been taken over on Ukrainian territory. This was enabled through a law on the basic principles of compulsory seizure of property rights of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, signed by the Ukrainian government on 10th March 2022. According to data published by Ukrainian state railway UZ, there should have been around 15,000 freight wagons in Ukraine owned by 250 Russian companies at the outbreak of the war. Now 434 freight wagons with an estimated value of over EUR 9.6 million (UAH 300 million) have been seized. Ukrainian railway workers now have the full right to use the freight wagons commercially, and the revenues they generate will be allocated to the needs of the army.
    Source: 19.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / DB supports export of agricultural products19.05.2022more

    German state railway DB is supporting grain exports from Ukraine, whose exports via the Black Sea ports have stopped because of the war with Russia. According to the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV), DB Cargo is in the process of enabling a rail bridge to transport large quantities of agricultural products to North Sea and Adriatic ports. At the same time, BMDV promised support for the European Union's (EU) action plan to transport exports by land. DB Cargo already operates for private grain exporters from Ukraine. According to DB, this involves operating two to three trains per day via Poland to Western Europe.
    Source: Focus 19.05.2022

  • +European Union / EC presents plan to facilitate grain transport from Ukraine 16.05.2022more

    The European Commission (EC) has presented plans to help Ukraine export its agricultural produce. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its blockade of Ukrainian ports, Ukrainian grain and other agricultural goods can no longer reach their destinations. While wagons to transport products currently have waiting times of between 16 and 30 days at the EU’s borders to Ukraine, the EC calls on EU market players to urgently make additional vehicles available. In addition, Ukrainian agricultural export shipments should be prioritised, and infrastructure managers should make rail slots available for these exports. Customs control and inspections are also urged to be handled more flexibly, and the EC will assess available storage capacity in the EU and coordinate with Member States to help secure more capacity for temporary storage of Ukrainian exports. 
    Source: EC press release 12.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ returns 45% of all ticket counters to operation13.05.2022more

    As a result of the war, the Ukrainian state railway UZ had to shut down ticket offices nationwide. As of 12th May 2022, ticket counters have now been returned to operation at 16 stations nationwide, affecting a total of around 45% of all counters. As soon as more areas are liberated from Russian occupation, more stations are to follow.
    Source: UZ press release 12.05.2022

  • +Germany / Siemens to exit Russian market12.05.2022more

    Siemens will stop doing business with Russia and exit the Russian market as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Procedures have already begun to end industrial operations and all industrial business activities. At the same time, Siemens wants to ensure the safety of its 3,000 local employees through the impact of the decision.
    Source: Siemens press release 12.05.2022

  • +Finland / VR Group starts to terminate rail freight contracts with Russia10.05.2022more

    The Finnish state railway VR Group has started to terminate rail freight transport contracts with Russia. Freight services are to be completely discontinued by the end of 2022 at the latest, and rail freight transport joint ventures are also to be sold or dissolved. On 6th April 2022, VR Group had already decided to discontinue rail freight transport between Russia and Finland (SCI RAILDATA Issue 14/2022). The termination of contracts started on 6th May 2022, and VR expects rail freight transport to be reduced to about one third of the original volume by summer 2022.
    Source: VR Group press release 03.05.2022

  • +United Kingdom / Sanctions imposed against Evraz10.05.2022more

    The UK has imposed sanctions on Evraz, a Russian steel supplier. The UK's Foreign Office stated that Evraz, through the production of train wheels and rails, has important strategic significance for Russia, as Russia uses railways to deliver military goods to war zones in Ukraine. On 10th March 2022, the UK Financial Services Authority had already stated that it had temporarily suspended Evraz's listing on the London Stock Exchange.
    Source: Railway Supply 07.05.2022

  • +Germany / DB switches to other wheel disc manufacturers due to production stop at Interpipe09.05.2022more

    The Ukrainian tube and wheel manufacturer Interpipe had to stop its production due to the war in Ukraine. German state railway DB was expecting a delivery of wheel discs of the models ET 442 and BA 220 from Interpipe in February 2022, but these could not be delivered. On 1st April 2022, DB therefore signed new annual contracts with the manufacturers Crane Engineering and Consulting (CEC), based in Freystadt, which is the German subsidiary of the Chinese company TYHI, and with CAF, for the delivery of the wheel disc models mentioned.
    Source: Spiegel 29.04.2022, Railbusiness 09.05.2022

  • +European Union / EU may restrict oil shipments from Russia through ban on crude oil06.05.2022more

    According to media reports, the European Union (EU) is seeking to sanction insurers of Russian crude oil shipments. Upon confirmation, this would be a move that could dramatically reduce the Russian government’s ability to ship its oil overseas, going beyond an import ban on Russian crude oil. The EU is proposing to ban European shipping and other companies from providing services including insurance linked to the transportation of Russian oil and products globally as part of its new sanctions package, according to officials and a draft document seen by media platform Bloomberg. Around 95% of the worldwide tanker liability cover is arranged through a London-based insurance organisation called the International Group of P&I Clubs that has to heed European law. Without such cover, Russia and its customers would have to find alternatives for risks including oil spills and mishaps at sea that can quickly run into multi-billion-dollar claims. The proposed rules would also ban European citizens and companies from transporting Russian oil anywhere in the world, not just to the continent. In other words, vessels owned, chartered or controlled by European entities and individuals cannot transport crude oil and petroleum products which originate from Russia.
    Source: Bloomberg 04.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / Increased attacks on railway infrastructure05.05.2022more

    In Ukraine, Russia has significantly increased its bombardment of railway hubs and stations since 3rd May 2022, with the Ukrainian city of Lviv being hit hard most recently. The Ukrainian state railway UZ also reported delays of trains as a result of the incidents, which lasted up to 10 hours.
    Source: Rynek Kolejowy 04.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / Lifetime limit of tank wagons to be increased from 45 to 60 years04.05.2022more

    In 2022 and 2023, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure wants to increase the service life limit for tank wagons from 45 to 60 years. This would cover all tank wagons for the transport of foodstuffs and tank wagons for the transport of viscous petroleum products that successfully pass the service life diagnosis. An exception is to apply to freight wagons of technological rail transport companies intended for the transport of freight for production purposes.
    Source: CTS 03.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ transported 10,000 t of relief goods between March and April 202204.05.2022more

    According to the Ukrainian state railway UZ, 10,000 t of relief goods were transported via passenger trains to the cities severely affected by the war in the period between March and April 2022. The largest load came from the city of Lviv, at 3,932 t, followed by Chernivtsi, at 2,063 t. Kyiv received the largest share of relief goods, at 5,554 t, followed by Kharkiv, at 1,869 t.
    Source: CTS 03.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / Damage to railway infrastructure amounts to EUR 3.42 billion04.05.2022more

    The KSE Institute of the Kyiv School of Economics has analysed the damage to Ukraine's railway infrastructure and rolling stock as part of the Russia Will Pay project. According to the KSE Institute, the damage since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is estimated at EUR 3.42 billion (USD 3.6 billion). Since the beginning of the war, 23,574 km of roads, 277 bridges and bridge crossings, 11 airports and two ports have been damaged or destroyed.
    Source: Railway Supply 30.04.2022

  • +Poland / MoU signed on cooperation for transport of humanitarian aid to Ukraine04.05.2022more

    PKP Cargo Connect, the Military and Civil Administration of the Volyn region and the Association of Ukrainian Business in Poland have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation for the transport of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. For this purpose, PKP Cargo Connect will make an area of its terminal in Dorohusk available free of charge to ensure the transport of relief supplies to Ukraine from the terminal.
    Source: Railway Supply 01.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / 51 tank wagons confiscated in Chernihiv region04.05.2022more

    In Ukraine, 51 Belarusian tank wagons have been confiscated, which were used for logistical purposes by the Russian occupation forces after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. The wagons crossed the Ukrainian state border in the Chernihiv region before the invasion and were filled with 3,000 t of diesel fuel. After the liberation of the Chernihiv region by the Ukrainian military, the confiscation of the tank wagons was requested.
    Source: Railway Supply 01.05.2022

  • +Ukraine / RCG increases transport of agriculture products29.04.2022more

    Rail Cargo Group (RCG), the rail freight transport subsidiary of Austrian state railway ÖBB, has been expanding its agricultural transport services from Ukraine, especially since the beginning of the war. From March to April 2022, RCG organised grain trains from Ukraine to Germany every second day. In total, 60,000 t of grain were transported. Currently, RCG transports grain in freight trains from Cierna in Slovakia to Brake in northern Germany three times a week via the Slovakia - Czech Republic - Poland - Germany corridor. The RCG subsidiaries Rail Cargo Carrier and Rail Cargo Logistics are also involved. Each train is about 480 m long and transports about 2,000 t of grain. From May 2022, RCG will operate a daily freight train with agricultural products from Ukraine for at least three months, from Cierna towards northern Germany. This corresponds to 25 trains in the direction of Germany per month. Five trains per month remain in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    Source: ÖBB press release 28.04.2022

  • +Lithuania / LTG Cargo tests new route bypassing Belarus 28.04.2022more

    On 27th April 2022, LTG Cargo launched a freight train from the intermodal terminal in Kaunas to the Polish-Ukrainian border. According to LTG Cargo, this is the first time that this route bypassing Belarus towards Lithuania has been used. The test run is intended to evaluate various aspects on this bypass route and identify possible challenges.
    Source: Nakolei 27.04.2022

  • +Russia / Bokarev retires as President of TMH27.04.2022more

    Andrey Bokarev has left his position as the President of Russian rolling stock manufacturer TMH, with effect from 22nd April 2022. He also left TMH’s board of directors. Changes in the composition of the company's management will not affect compliance with the obligations assumed by TMH, its subsidiaries and affiliates.
    Source: TMH press release 22.04.2022

  • +The Netherlands / Freight throughput at port of Rotterdam falls 1.5% in Q1/202227.04.2022more

    Freight throughput in the first quarter of 2022 (Q1/2022) at the port of Rotterdam fell by 1.5% to 113.6 million t, compared to 115.2 million t in Q1/2021. The throughput of petroleum products and iron ore fell significantly in Q1/2020. Overall, the handling volume is slightly below the level of 2021. The war in Ukraine could also have an impact on the handling volume in 2022: of 470 million t handled in 2021, 62 million t had a connection to Russia. 
    Source: Port of Rotterdam press release 25.04.2022

  • +Lithuania / Rail Baltica presents 2022 procurement plan21.04.2022more

    RB Rail, promoter of the Rail Baltica high-speed rail (HSR) line, has presented its procurement plan for 2022, worth more than EUR 2 billion. Further material tenders are planned, as well as new construction contracts. Tenders will also be launched for the three subsystems of electrification and control command, train protection and signalling, as well as for planning and supervision services on the remaining Kaunas - Polish border line. Due to the war in Ukraine, the suppliers chosen so far have been analysed, and Russian and Belarusian companies have been excluded from the project. So far, 200 Baltic and 50 international companies are working on the project, and contracts worth a total of EUR 900 million have been signed.
    Source: Rail Baltica press release 14.04.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ continues modernisation and maintenance work on rail vehicles14.04.2022more

    The Ukrainian state railway UZ is continuing to modernise rail vehicles despite the ongoing war in the country. For example, an electric multiple unit (EMU) is due to return to service in the next few days after being upgraded at UZ's depots. Around 400 people worked on the modernisation of the EMU, including the wheelsets as well as other key components of the vehicle. In addition, the interior, seats and exterior paint were renewed. The vehicle is intended for the new ring line in Kyiv.
    Source: LOK Report 14.04.2022

  • +Lithuania / LTG closes offices in Russia and Belarus12.04.2022more

    The Lithuanian state railway LTG will close its offices in Russia and Belarus as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The offices were opened ten years ago and will now be closed in the next six months as part of the liquidation process.
    Source: Railway Supply 11.04.2022

  • +Ukraine / Interpipe resumes operations12.04.2022more

    Since the beginning of April 2022, the Ukrainian pipe and wheel manufacturer Interpipe has resumed production at its sites in Dnipro, Nikopol and Novomoskovsk. The plants that have returned to operation are used for the production of railway wheels, wheelsets and pipe fabricators. Most of the products are exported to Europe. In March 2022, Interpipe reported a decrease in revenue due to a production stop as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine (SCI RAILDATA Issue 11/2022).
    Source: Railway Supply 09.04.2022

  • +Ukraine / Prosecutor General's Office confiscates 17,800 freight wagons from Russia and Belarus12.04.2022more

    The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office has seized 17,800 freight wagons from Russia and Belarus which are located in Ukraine. The seizure of the freight wagons took place as part of investigations into criminal proceedings for intentional tax evasion on a particularly large scale.
    Source: Railway Supply 07.04.2022

  • +Russia / RZD declared in default12.04.2022more

    According to the Credit Derivatives Determinations Committee, the Russian state railway RZD has defaulted on its repayment of EU bonds after it failed to pay an interest payment for March 2022. This makes RZD the first Russian company to be considered in default. In addition, further contracts are now being signed to insure RZD's debt against default.
    Source: Railway Supply 11.04.2022

  • +Russia / Amsted Rail withdraws from market08.04.2022more

    On 29th March 2022, US component manufacturer Amsted Rail decided to withdraw from the Russian market. The company has taken steps to exit its manufacturing position in a jointly owned bearing factory in Saratov in Russia. In addition, Amsted Rail will close its Moscow office.
    Source: Amsted Rail press release 29.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ and Ukrposhta start restructuring logistics chains08.04.2022more

    Ukrainian state railway UZ has begun working with the country’s postal service Ukrposhta to restructure logistics chains to increase reliance on the railway network both during the Russian invasion and after the war. The first train carrying freight operated on 1st April 2022. According to UZ, with roads being more dangerous, and journeys taking a lot longer due to checkpoints, the logistics chains need to be restructured and the railway network is clearly the most reliable and predictable solution currently available. UZ also highlights the need to transport more freight than usual, including humanitarian aid comprising food kits and business equipment. In addition, the development of rail postal services is in line with European Union’s (EU) policy to double rail’s share of multimodal transport by 2030 to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.
    Source: Interfax 01.04.2022

  • +European Union / EC seeks Council mandate for transport agreement between Ukraine and Moldova07.04.2022more

    In a proposal sent to the Council of Europe on 6th April 2022, the European Commission (EC) proposed opening negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova to sign agreements on road freight transport between the EU and the two countries. With traditional transport corridors in the region now closed, the initiative aims to secure supply chains, including food safety, following Russia's war against Ukraine. This will allow Ukraine to shift key exports from sea corridors that are currently unavailable due to Russian military attacks. The blockade of Black Sea ports has also had a negative impact on Moldova, which has lost important transport lines through Ukraine for its own exports and whose economy has been severely affected by the war in Ukraine. The EC's proposal will provide immediate relief to the economies of these two countries.
    Source: EC press release 06.04.2022

  • +Ukraine / Government begins nationalisation of Russian freight wagons05.04.2022more

    The Ukrainian government has said that it began nationalising nearly 1,400 freight wagons located in the Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions on 2nd April 2022. The freight wagons were previously identified as belonging to Russian or Belarusian companies. In total, almost 15,000 Russian freight wagons are located on Ukrainian territory (SCI RAILDATA Issue 11/2022).
    Source: RGI 04.04.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ continues to deliver humanitarian aid29.03.2022more

    The Ukrainian state railway UZ continues to deliver humanitarian aid to war zones via trains, with around 50 wagons recently being used in 32 passenger trains to deliver relief goods. To apply for the shipment of relief goods, contact UZ's hotline on 0800 503 222 or 044 465 03 87. Since the beginning of the war, UZ has transported more than 7,800 t of humanitarian relief goods in over 1,670 freight wagons to the war zones of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Zaporizhzhya. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 5,000 people have died in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, including 210 children. Over 2,340 residential buildings, 90% of all residential buildings in Mariupol, have been damaged by rocket and bomb attacks. Since the beginning of the war, the Russian military has lost about 17,000 soldiers in the war in Ukraine.
    Source: UZ press release 28.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ demands continuation of railway blockade against Russia28.03.2022more

    Ukrainian state railway UZ, in an official paper to the Organisation for Railway Cooperation (OSJD), has called for the continuation of the railway blockade against Russia and the withdrawal of a decision to suspend transit services between China and Poland passing through Russia and Belarus, as well as Russia's participation in international organisations and decisions.
    Source: LOK-Report 28.03.2022

  • +Finland / Amended law should facilitate timber transport while freight to Russia stopped28.03.2022more

    The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications is considering a draft amendment to Article 80 in the Rail Transport Act. The purpose of the amendment is to allow freight wagons used for international wood transport to be used temporarily for wood transport within Finland. Previously, wagons used internationally could not be used domestically. The context for the change in the law is the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions against Russia. Since the start of the war, wood transport between Russia and Finland has been stopped. The change in the law is now intended to facilitate Finnish forestry. The exemption rule is to apply until 31st December 2023, and the draft is to be submitted to parliament on 7th April 2022.
    Source: LOK-Report 28.03.2022

  • +Germany / DB starts counselling and job programme for refugees28.03.2022more

    German state railway DB is starting a counselling and job programme for refugees from Ukraine who want to enter into the German labour market. The DB programme is explicitly adapted to the needs of the refugees: the primary goal of the programme is to make the refugees a job offer at DB. In addition, the refugees receive individual counselling as well as qualification offers for railway-specific jobs. Furthermore, a four-week orientation course will be offered at six locations across Germany in May 2022, with the aim of preparing the participants for a permanent employment.
    Source: DB press release 27.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / Pavlohrad-2 railway station destroyed by missile attacks24.03.2022more

    According to local media reports, on 22nd March 2022, the Ukrainian railway station Pavlohrad-2 was destroyed by missile attacks. Railway vehicles and tracks were damaged. A total of 15 freight wagons were hit. One person was killed. Traffic through the station was stopped. The station was served by regional services to Novomoskovsk, Dnipro, Pokrovsk and Slovjansk. A branch line from Dnipro via Pavlohrad leads to the occupied zone in the Donbass region.
    Source: Ukrinform 22.03.2022

  • +Russia / Siemens suspends delivery of Sapsan HSTs to RZD23.03.2022more

    The Russian state railway RZD has announced that the German manufacturer Siemens has suspended the delivery of Velaro RUS (Sapsan) (SCI RAILDATA Issue 33/2021)(SCI RAILDATA Issue 10/2022).
    Source: Lok Report 23.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ calls on companies to build rail freight terminals23.03.2022more

    Ukrainian state railway UZ has called on private companies to invest in rail freight terminals on the border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. UZ will provide the railway infrastructure to ensure the continued reliable transport of freight after the war. The opening of the first Mostyska terminal in Lviv on the Polish border was planned for April 2022 (SCI RAILDATA Issue 01/2022), but due to the war the opening has been postponed indefinitely.
    Source: Rail Freight 22.03.2022

  • +Finland / Nurminen Logistics stops import and export activities with Russia21.03.2022more

    The Finnish company Nurminen Logistics has closed its office in Russia and stopped its import and export activities with Russia. The company is already developing new trans-Caspian routes from Asia to Europe. According to Nurminen Logistics, cooperation with the Kazakh state railway KTZ is to be intensified for this purpose, especially for China - Finland services. To this end, an agreement was signed with KTZ on 16th March 2022. The trans-Caspian route is to be tested between April and June 2022, with the start of regular operations planned for July to September 2022.
    Source: Nurminen Logistics press release 17.03.2022

  • +USA / Task Force founded to support Ukrainian railway sector21.03.2022more

    Leading representatives of the railway sector in Europe and the US have announced the Support Ukraine Rail Task Force multinational assistance initiative. With this, the European association of private operators in passenger rail transport Allrail, together with other players, is creating a forum for passenger rail and rail freight transport associations as well as government organisations to support the Ukrainian rail sector in response to an appeal by Ukrainian state railway UZ to the international railway industry. Besides the complete isolation of the Russian and Belarusian state railways RZD and BZD, goals include the deployment of more evacuation trains to avoid a refugee disaster in the affected countries. In addition, contracts for the evacuation of refugees will be required for all EU railway operators. In the long term, the task force should support the reconstruction of the railways in Ukraine.
    Source: Allrail press release 21.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / Last Ukrainian train drivers return from Russia21.03.2022more

    The last four Ukrainian train drivers were successfully returned from Russia to Ukraine as part of a special operation. A total of 12 train drivers had been in Russia since the beginning of the war, and eight were able to return in the first days of the war. According to Oleksandr Kamisin, the chair of the board of the Ukrainian state railway UZ, the Belarusian state railway BC contributed to making this possible.
    Source: LOK-Report 19.09.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ stops railway cooperation with Belarus21.03.2022more

    Oleksandr Kamisin, chair of the board of the Ukrainian state railway UZ, has announced that cooperation will be discontinued in the railway sector between Ukraine and Belarus. An exact date when the services between Belarus and Ukraine will be stopped was not given.
    Source: LOK-Report 19.03.2022

  • +Finland / VR Group rejects freight from Russian shippers17.03.2022more

    The Finnish state railway VR Group no longer accepts freight from Russian leasing companies or shippers, because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This includes companies such as VTB Leasing, VEB Leasing and DRC VEF.RF and their subsidiaries. In addition, VR Group is providing free train rides to Finland for refugees from Ukraine. The Allegro long-distance passenger rail transport services will, however, be kept to enable Finnish citizens to travel home to Finland, or for Russian citizens who want to leave the country. 
    Source: TSN 14.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / Interpipe reports decrease in revenue due to production stop17.03.2022more

    Ukrainian pipe and wheel manufacturer Interpipe has informed creditors of its five-year EUR 272 million (USD 300 million) Eurobonds, issued at an annual interest rate of 8.375%, of a decrease in revenues due to the production stop as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to a company statement, the safety of employees is the top priority, with asset preservation and business continuity second. Interpipe's main production facilities are still undamaged, but most production has been stopped to ensure the safety of employees. The company also points out that Ukrainian logistics capacity is limited due to the war.
    Source: CTS 15.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / 1,470 freight wagons from Kazakhstan present in country17.03.2022more

    As of 11th March 2022, there were 1,470 freight wagons from Kazakhstan in Ukraine. This was an increase of 45% compared to the 1,007 Kazakh freight wagons present in Ukraine on 5th March 2022. The Kazakh government is now working on a realignment, as according to new legislation UZ is entitled to use freight wagons located in Ukraine, regardless of the origin of the owner.
    Source: CTS 11.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ operates 986 freight wagons with relief goods since start of war17.03.2022more

    As of 17th March 2022, the Ukrainian state railway UZ had transported a total of 986 freight wagons with humanitarian aid goods. In addition, passenger trains were loaded with around 6,200 t of relief goods. UZ collects relief goods at several points on the borders of the EU countries. 
    Source: UZ press release 17.03.2022

  • +Austria / ÖBB transfers passenger coaches to Polish-Ukrainian border16.03.2022more

    The Austrian state railway ÖBB has transferred five Eurocity 106 passenger coaches to the Polish state railway PKP. The coaches will be used to bring refugees from the Polish-Ukrainian border to safety and to transport relief goods.
    Source: ÖBB press release 15.03.2022

  • +Belarus / Duisport stops activities in country16.03.2022more

    The German logistics group Duisport, operator of the Port of Duisburg, announced on 11th March 2022 that it would stop all business activities in Belarus with immediate effect. The reason for this is Belarusian support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Duisport will sell both its 38.9% stake in Eurasian Rail Gateway, a company building and operating an intermodal terminal in the industrial park near Minsk, and a 0.59% minority stake in the industrial park.
    Source: Duisport press release 11.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ may nationalise 15,000 Russian freight wagons15.03.2022more

    Volodymyr Selensky, the Ukrainian President, has signed a law on the confiscation of Russia's property rights in Ukraine. The Ukrainian state railway UZ can thus confiscate and nationalise the c. 15,000 Russian freight wagons currently on the Ukrainian network. The 15,000 wagons belong to about 250 companies, including a total of 3,000 wagons belonging to VEB Leasing, VTB Leasing, Gazpromtrans, GTLK and Sberbank Leasing.
    Source: UZ press release 15.03.2022

  • +Denmark / Maersk revises and introduces new processes for Russia and Belarus15.03.2022more

    The shipping company Maersk announced in a statement on 4th March 2022 that it will introduce new processes and revise existing ones for Russia and Belarus in the context of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Maersk also says that in future it will only accept bookings for food, medicine and humanitarian aid after a comprehensive screening process. The company also confirmed that there will be no cooperation with sanctioned banks or other sanctioned parties from Russia and Belarus. In addition, Maersk has stopped all new flight bookings to Russia and Ukraine as it poses a potential risk to air transportation costs. Following the imposition of sanctions, Maersk also decided to stop new intercontinental rail bookings between Asia and Europe.
    Source: IRJ 14.03.2022

  • +Austria / RGC confirms services interrupted to Ukraine and Russia15.03.2022more

    Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has confirmed that its rail services to Ukraine and Russia have been interrupted. A spokesperson for RCG also said that Eurasian trains are currently being redirected via Belarus and Poland. Alternative routes from China via Turkey are also being worked on.
    Source: IRJ 14.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ wants to double export capacities at EU borders14.03.2022more

    The Ukrainian state railway UZ announced on 12th March 2022 that it intends to double export capacities at European Union (EU) border crossings. According to UZ, this is to improve export opportunities and ensure the transport of agricultural products, as the main seaports have been blocked by Russia. For this purpose, UZ has set up a working group for each border crossing point to develop and implement measures to increase export capacities. In addition, UZ is encouraging companies to convert freight wagons with a gauge of 1,520 mm to a gauge of 1,435 mm, the European standard. 
    Source: UZ press release 12.03.2022

  • +Russia / Dmitry and Aleksandr Pumpyansky leave Sinara Group14.03.2022more

    Sinara Group announced on 10th March 2022 that Dmitry and Aleksandr Pumpyansky had retired from the Group's Boards of Directors with effect from 9th March 2022. Dmitry Pumpyansky resigned as Chair of Sinara Group and Aleksandr Pumpyansky resigned from the Boards of Sinara Group, Sinara Bank Group and Sinara Transport Machines (STM). Dmitry and Aleksandr Pumpyansky and other members of the family were previously placed on sanctions lists by the European Union (EU).
    Source: Sinara Group press release 11.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ evacuates over 2 million people14.03.2022more

    The Ukrainian state railway UZ has evacuated a total of over 2 million people since the start of the war in Ukraine. Most people are from Kyiv and Kharkiv, of whom 226,000 are now abroad. UZ has also launched a website for the evacuation trains. In addition, plans are being worked on to return refugees after the conflict ends.
    Source: UZ press release 11.03.2022

  • +Russia / RZD reduces number of passenger trains on network11.03.2022more

    According to Ukrainian sources, Russian state railway RZD is planning to reduce the number of passenger trains on its railway network. The sanctions imposed by European rolling stock and components manufacturers are said to be the cause. RZD reportedly wants to ensure the durability of the most important components, as is reported with reference to RZD information.
    Source: CTS 10.03.2022

  • +Lithuania / LTG Cargo suspends leasing of flat wagons to Russia and Belarus11.03.2022more

    LTG Cargo, the rail freight transport subsidiary of Lithuanian state railway LTG, has suspended the leasing of flat wagons to Russia and Belarus. Furthermore, as of 7th March 2022, the company's flat wagons may not be transported directly to Russia or Belarus or in transit to other countries except Latvia and Estonia. This decision aims to limit the possibility of using flat wagons in Russia and Belarus for military purposes. According to unofficial sources, freight wagons entering Russia or Belarus could be nationalised and used for the transport of military equipment. LTG Cargo has appealed to Russian state railway RZD and Belarusian state railway BZD to urgently return the wagons of the Lithuanian company. At the moment, 325 LTG Cargo flat wagons are said to be on the territory of Russia and Belarus. In addition, LTG Cargo is investigating possible links between customers and persons sanctioned by the European Union (EU) in the case of freight transport.
    Source: LTG press release 08.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ temporarily suspends EMU tender10.03.2022more

    Ukrainian state railway UZ has cancelled its October 2021 tender for the procurement of 80 electric multiple units (EMU) for passenger rail transport due to the ongoing war (SCI RAILDATA Issue 40/2021). The contract to be awarded, worth EUR 945 million (UAH 31.462 billion), includes 30 AC EMUs, 30 DC EMUs for commuter rail operations and 20 AC EMUs for regional services. UZ plans to resume procurement after the end of the conflict.
    Source: UZ press release 10.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ calls on Stadler to stop activities in Russia and Belarus10.03.2022more

    Ukrainian state railway UZ is calling on Swiss rail rolling stock manufacturer Stadler to cease all activities in Russia and Belarus in response to the Russian invasion in Ukraine. In addition, UZ officials are calling for the Russian and Belarusian state railways to be excluded from all international organisations. 
    Source: CTS 09.03.2022

  • +Russia / S&P Global Ratings downgrades RZD's credit rating 10.03.2022more

    The international credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings has downgraded the credit ratings of some Russian companies, including the Russian state railway RZD, to C and CCC-, as a result of the economic impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    Source: CTS 08.03.2022

  • +Russia / RZD no longer working with bank guarantees10.03.2022more

    The Russian state railway RZD will in future no longer work with bank guarantees in rail freight transport, which served as security for payment obligations. According to a source close to RZD, RZD now relies on a 100% advance payment.
    Source: CTS 04.03.2022

  • +Lithuania / LTG stops iron ore transport from Metalloinvest10.03.2022more

    On 4th March 2022, Lithuanian state railway LTG decided to stop rail freight transport services transporting iron ore from Russian supplier Metalloinvest to the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, according to media reports. The decision has not been made official by LTG yet.
    Source: 04.03.2022

  • +France / Alstom suspends all deliveries to Russia09.03.2022more

    French rolling stock manufacturer Alstom has announced it is suspending all deliveries to Russia due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. All future business investments in Russia will also be suspended. Talks on the planned framework agreement for the supply of electric locomotives to the Ukrainian state railway UZ will be paused. The 20% stake by Alstom in the Russian rolling stock manufacturer TMH will be reassessed as part of the financial statements for the 2021/2022 financial year.
    Source: Alstom press release 09.03.2022

  • +Russia / Country was largest trading partner of German seaports in 202108.03.2022more

    As reported by Germany's Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), Russia was the most important trading partner of German seaports from January to November 2021, at around 24.1 million t. This was followed by Sweden (23.7 million t) and China (20.2 million t). From January to November 2021, a total of 265.3 million t were handled, which represents an increase of 5.2% compared to 2020. In the case of fossil fuels, coal and crude oil, the Russian share was 37.7%. 89.2% (21.5 million t) of Russian trade related to imports, 10.8 million t of which was coal and crude oil.
    Source: Destatis press release 08.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / Hitachi to contribute to humanitarian aid08.03.2022more

    Rail vehicle manufacturer Hitachi Group has announced that it will donate a total of EUR 2.8 million (USD 3 million) for the purpose of providing humanitarian aid to those affected in Ukraine and neighbouring regions. This includes donations to Japanese Red Cross Society and Japan Committee for UNICEF, in addition to the entire Hitachi Group's donation to the American Red Cross, Singapore Red Cross, and other aid programmes in Ukraine through a service by Benevity.
    Source: Hitachi press release 08.03.2022

  • +Germany / DB launches first rail bridge to Ukraine07.03.2022more

    German state railway DB has set up a logistics network for road and rail transport in cooperation with the Polish subsidiary of DB Cargo, the Ukrainian state railway UZ and the DB Schenker team in Poland. The logistics network will facilitate the transport of relief supplies from Germany directly to Ukraine. The first containers with relief goods were launched on 4th March 2022 from Seddin via Krakow in the direction of Kyiv. The 15 containers with a total weight of 350 t contain relief supplies such as medicine, food and drinking water. The donations are collected across Germany by truck and then transported by freight trains over the Polish border to Ukraine. DB has also set up a hotline for companies and large donations to register freight or coordinate a pick-up. The transport of the donation is free of charge for donors.
    Source: DB press release 11.03.2022

  • +Poland / Railway representatives call for sanctions on Russian and Belarusian companies07.03.2022more

    The Polish Association of Independent Railway Companies, the Railway Business Forum, the Land Transport Chamber of Commerce and the Prokolej Foundation have called on the European Commission (EC) to sanction Russian and Belarusian railway companies. According to the statement, the Russian and Belarusian railways are providing logistical support during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They also call for the sanctioning of all sea and road traffic between the EU and Russia and Belarus.
    Source: Railway Gazette 04.03.2022

  • +France / Russia and Belarus excluded from UIC07.03.2022more

    The International Union of Railways (UIC) has excluded Russian and Belarusian railway companies and their subsidiaries. Russian and Belarusian railway companies will therefore no longer be able to participate in meetings or working groups and will not be able to use UIC services. 
    Source: Interfax Ukraine 05.03.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ sets up humanitarian aid corridor04.03.2022more

    Ukrainian state railway UZ has set up a humanitarian aid corridor in order to ensure the catering of the Ukrainian population during the military attacks from Russia. Under the scheme, UZ is in cooperation with Ukrainian companies and the European Business Association (EUBA). According to the parties involved, the rail corridor will become an important way of humanitarian assistance to people in need. The network includes two important collection points, namely Slawków in Poland and Lviv in Ukraine. Humanitarian aid can be sent to these points by truck or train. Furthermore, Polish intermodal transport operator PCC Intermodal has made its network available on the Polish side.
    Source: 03.03.2022

  • +Spain / Renfe to transport refugees from Ukraine free of charge04.03.2022more

    The Spanish Ministry of Transport has announced that state-owned railway company Renfe will transport refugees from Ukraine throughout Spain for free. Renfe is organising an entry and exit centre for refugees in Barcelona. Barcelona is the arrival point for the cross-border high-speed rail (HSR) services from France that Renfe and French state railway SNCF jointly operate under the Elipsos joint venture (JV) (SCI RAILDATA Issue 07/2013).
    Source: Heraldo 03.03.2022

  • +European Union / EBRD calls on governors to suspend services for Russia and Belarus04.03.2022more

    The board of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has called on all decision-makers to suspend access to finance and expertise for Russia and Belarus. At the same time, the EBRD has stated its unchanged support for Ukraine. Separately, EBRD is exploring an emergency financing package for the region which could include liquidity support for the private and public sector as a tangible symbol of support for Ukraine and other countries of operations caught up in the crisis.
    Source: EBRD press release 01.03.2022

  • +Czech Republic / RegioJet partners with UZ, CD Cargo and RCG for land bridge to Ukraine03.03.2022more

    Czech private long-distance passenger rail transport operator RegioJet, as a member of the Allrail association, has partnered with Ukrainian state railway UZ, rail freight transport operator CD Cargo and the Austrian Rail Cargo Group (RCG) to provide a daily humanitarian night train land bridge between Prague and Kyiv. The first service took place during the night of 1st March 2022. The service is being supported by Czech non-profit humanitarian organisation Clovek v tísni. The special train carries up to 600 pallets of food to Kyiv and also provides 400 beds for women and children evacuating from Ukraine in RegioJet’s night train rolling stock. At the border, it exchanges the humanitarian goods and passengers with a train operated by UZ.
    Source: Allrail press release 01.03.2022

  • +European Union / SBB Cargo International starts aid train to Ukraine03.03.2022more

    An aid train for Ukraine is currently being put together at the container terminal in Herne. In addition to containers, craneable semi-trailers can also be transported. The train is being organised by SBB Cargo International, which will also operate the train in Germany. From Austria, LTE will take over traction to the Hungarian border with Ukraine at Zahony. Talks are underway with TX Logistik (TXL) about preparing the train documents. Relief goods are still being accepted now. The possible delivery time in Herne and the type of relief goods, such as food, medical products, clothing or nappies, should be specified. Transport logistics are provided free of charge. However, due to the situation, there is no guarantee that the loading units will be returned.
    Source: Rail Business 02.03.2022

  • +Germany / HHLA imposes ban on freight to and from Russia03.03.2022more

    On 1st March 2022, Hamburg-based port and logistics operator HHLA has imposed an immediate ban on accepting goods destined for or coming from Russia. According to HHLA, corresponding freight will neither be loaded onto ships nor unloaded, nor will they be accepted from trains or trucks. Transshipments to and from Russia are also affected. HHLA cites the EU embargoes on deliveries to Russia as the reason for the acceptance stop.
    Source: HHLA press release 01.03.2022

  • +Russia / Siemens stops new sales03.03.2022more

    The Siemens Group has suspended new sales in Russia until further notice. This also affects the rolling stock subsidiary Siemens Mobility. Local service and maintenance activities will continue in strict compliance with the sanctions. According to the company, it cannot provide more precise details due to the rapidly changing situation and the complexity of the sanctions measures, specific situations of individual sales and partner companies. Siemens had signed a cooperation agreement at the end of 2021 with a joint venture (JV) involving the participation of the Russian state railway RZD for the development of a high-speed train (HST) for the 1,520 mm gauge (SCI RAILDATA Issue 44/2021), and in 2019 RZD had ordered 13 HSTs of the type Velaro RUS from Siemens (SCI RAILDATA Issue 24/2019).
    Source: Handelsblatt 01.03.2022

  • +Russia / Severstal shifts to non-EU markets03.03.2022more

    As sanctions against Russia due to the recent military attacks against Ukraine are increasing, more and more Russian companies are starting to withdraw from the European Union (EU). After the insolvency of the financial institution Sberbank, the raw materials and steel company Severstal also announced that it had stopped all deliveries to Europe because of the sanctions imposed by the West on Severstal's main shareholder Alexei Mordasov. According to media reports, the company will focus on Asian markets in the future.
    Source: 02.03.2022

  • +Russia / RZD put on sanction list by EU and USA03.03.2022more

    Russian state railway RZD has been put on the sanction list by both the European Union (EU) and the US. As a result, doing business with the Russian state-owned company will be significantly hindered. It is therefore rather unclear how this will affect rail freight transport operations between the EU and China. 
    Source: 28.02.2022

  • +Ukraine / UZ demands end to all cooperation with Russia01.03.2022more

    Ukrainian state railway UZ has appealed to all European and Asian countries to stop cooperation of their railway administrations with Russia. A letter to this effect was sent to the administrations of all railway companies transporting goods from Russia. Specifically, UZ has called on the railway administrations of all countries bordering Russia to stop freight and passenger train connections with the country. Furthermore, UZ demands the abolition of all interoperability systems with and the exclusion of Russian state railway RZD from all international organisations.
    Source: UZ press release 28.02.2022

  • +Ukraine / Evacuation trains running to Czech Republic and Hungary01.03.2022more

    Various special trains running to the Czech Republic and Hungary are supporting the evacuation of Ukrainian refugees. Services include daily trains at 12:30 from Mukacevo to Budapest, from Cop to Zahony and Plzen and from Uzhorod to Hungary. A ticket, vaccination card or negative PCR test and a biometric passport are required for boarding.
    Source: Lok Report 27.02.2022