MultiClient study: Metro Vehicles - Global Market Trends 2019

For the next five years an annual increase in demand of about 3% is expected, even though there currently is already a high market volume.

Not Asia but Europe is now driving the market with double-digit annual growth rates until 2023


The worldwide market for metro vehicles continues to grow: Also for the next five years, SCI Verkehr, a consulting company specialised in the railway industry, expects an annual increase in demand of about 3%, despite a currently already high market volume, although China as the largest market (46% of the global market volume of new procurements) stagnates at a high level. 15% annual growth is expected in Western and Eastern Europe until 2023. The market development of new procurements in Europe is driven by replacement purchases necessary to ensure urban mobility. The worldwide After-Sales market continues to grow dynamically by almost 6% p.a. due to continuously increasing fleet sizes.

The chart of the age structure of the worldwide metro fleet shows the dynamics of the previous years. Almost 50% of the global stock were newly procured in the last 10 years, particularly in China.

The worldwide continuing metropolisation trend is the crucial driver for demand for metro vehicles. The number of cities and their average sizes are constantly growing. In parallel to this, metro systems as backbone of mobility assurance have been growing as well. In 2018, a total of 185 metro systems were in operation, worldwide. In 2016, it were 159 metro systems,152 in 2013, 107 in the year 2000 and in 1990 only 84 metro systems were in operation. The growth potential for future new constructions of metro systems was and remains to be great.

Between 2014 and 2018, the Chinese manufacturer CRRC Corp. Ltd. dominated the world market for new metro vehicles and now holds a share of 60%. The second largest supplier of metro vehicles in the same period, i.e. Bombardier, only holds a market share of 7%. Besides high domestic demand and the leading position in Asia, CRRC increasingly has been winning contracts in Turkey, the USA and India.

SCI Verkehr, the consulting company specialised in railway technology analysed current size, structure and players of the worldwide markets for metro vehicles and developed forecasts for the next five years.

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