Strategic business consulting for the railway and logistics industry

SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Accompanying the growth strategy of a European rail freight company

Customer: European rail freight company

On behalf of a leading European rail freight company, SCI Verkehr supports the expansion course of the company. For this purpose, growth fields as well as growth-inhibiting aspects are identified in the process and worked on together with the management and the employee side according to the issue. SCI Verkehr's activities include the preparation of market analyses as well as its own strategy recommendations for business field developments and the monitoring of measures and processes.

Preparation of bidding documents for tenders in Western Germany

Customer: Private railway company

SCI Verkehr supported a private railway company in the strategic and operational calculation and preparation of a bid for transport services in Germany. The aim was to submit an attractive, innovative and cost-efficient offer for rail services to maximize the client´s chance of success in the competition for the transport service contract and to subsequently guarantee sustainable economic success and customer satisfaction. SCI Verkehr performed the conceptual and technical planning, calculation, the editorial preparation and operational and organisational support.

Risk analysis transport authority

Customer: Transport authority local rail transport

A transport authority required a risk analysis concerning various tender models in local rail transport for its partners. SCI Verkehr compared various possibilities regarding their implementation probability and possibilities to reduce the risk for the transport authority.

Market Analyses Examples

Long-term demand analysis coal wagons

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr evaluated current and future demand for freight wagons to transport coal. The focus was set on the long-term estimation of the development of the energy mix in central Europe and its impact on the demand for coal wagons. In addition, SCI Verkehr evaluated current prices and leasing rates for coal wagons.

Market potential analysis of locomotives and multiple units with hybrid systems

Customer: International component supplier

On behalf of a manufacturer of energy systems, SCI Verkehr analysed hybrid drives and appraised its future market potential in the European rail transport for (shunting) locomotives and multiple units.

European rail transportation company

Customer: Analysis of supply difficulties of rail cars in Europe

On behalf of a European transportation company, SCI Verkehr analysed delivery difficulties for Intercity rail cars in Europe from 2000. Special emphasis was placed on the identification of causes and deducible systematic problems of occurring delivery delays. The transport company wants to use the results for risk minimisation measures for future vehicle purchases.

Asset Valuations Examples

Asset valuation of diesel locomotives

Customer: Financing company

For the issuing of a railway fund, SCI Verkehr analysed market prices, rental rates and asset values of a potential vehicle pool for new and used diesel locomotives on behalf of an international financing company. The analysis was made with the aid of a valuation approach which combines market and technical influence factors and in doing so takes into consideration the reutilisation of the vehicles.

Value appraisal TRAXX locomotives

Customer: Leasing company

SCI Verkehr evaluated the locomotive family TRAXX from Bombardier, with regard to its value stability, for a leasing company. The value appraisal focused on the chances to re-use the locomotives upon expiry of a 10-year leasing contract. By being aware of the demand development and value pattern of the locomotives, the entrepreneurial risk for the lessor can be estimated more accurately and marketable terms for the leasing contracts can be determined building upon these risks.

Asset valuation of heavy diesel locomotives

Customer: European leasing company

On behalf of a European leasing company, SCI Verkehr carried out an asset valuation for refinancing 6-axle diesel locomotives. The current market values of the locomotives were determined by using the capitalised earnings method taking into consideration the levels of supply and demand.

Public Consulting Examples

Consultancy services and assistance in updating a concept for waterway transport and ports

Customer: Transport ministry

In cooperation with project partners, SCI Verkehr revised an already existing waterway and port concept. We concretised and adjusted the transport targets and principles of the state government, created a new chapter entitled ?Transport and Logistics?, added the chapter ?Environmental/Climate Protection? and derived possible contracts or manageable political concepts for action for the state government from the possible options for action. The new concept was aligned with the port industry and federal government?s master plan for transport and logistics. The aim of the concept was to clarify the importance of inland water transportation and ports for Germany.

Management LOG-IT CLUB

Customer: LOG-IT Club e.V.

Since the foundation of the LOG-IT Club e.V. in November 2002, SCI Verkehr has conducted the business of the association. This includes the support of the association committees, account management, budgetary control and acceptance of new members.

Management LOG-IT CLUB

Customer: LOG-IT Club e.V.

Since the foundation of the LOG-IT Club e.V. in November 2002, SCI Verkehr has conducted the business of the association. This includes the support of the association committees, account management, budgetary control and acceptance of new members.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Price analysis of locomotives on the basis of indexing

Customer: Lessor

SCI Verkehr has analyzed the development of locomotive prices from order to delivery. In particular, existing contractual provisions on the indexation of purchase prices were taken into account.

Market potentials and vehicle concepts for intercity transport in Europe

Customer: Financial investor

On behalf of an investor, SCI Verkehr is analysing the market potential for (cross-border) intercity connections in Europe. In addition to evaluating routes with regard to a possible shift of short-haul flights to rail, SCI Verkehr also compares possible vehicle concepts with regard to their investment costs and performance parameters.

Process optimisations Examples

Process improvements in production

Customer: Midsized producer in the food industry

A midsized company in the food industry had to generate significant savings in the production processes in order to remain competitive in the market. SCI Verkehr identified saving potential in production and hosted the subsequent dialogue between the works council and management.

Process optimisation at a logistics site

Customer: Global player in the food industry

A central production and logistics site of our client showed ongoing logistical deficits: long waiting and processing times for lorries and out-of stock situations affected the performance of the site. At the same time, the client intended to integrate a smaller site from the local area, in order to raise the performance of the site concerned. SCI Verkehr was commissioned by the company management to analyse the main hurdles for a better performance of the site, present ways for improvement and, in cooperation with the company, implement the required measures. The main aim was to accelerate processing times. For this purpose it was necessary to remodel the logistical processes, together with staff on site. As part of an "operational excellence process", the consultancy and support from SCI Verkehr largely aimed towards activating employee expertise at the site. In this way, the upcoming changes in staffing were communicated and established, enabling sustainable optimisation of processes.