Strategic business consulting for the railway and logistics industry

SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Evaluation of foreign markets for rail vehicle investments

Customer: Financier

On behalf of a financier, SCI Verkehr analyses and evaluates potential foreign markets. Both the market development and the market environment are considered. This is intended to identify risks and challenges for market entry. In addition to regular service vehicles, investments in track construction machinery are also analysed and evaluated.

Preparation of bidding documents for tenders in West Germany

Customer: Private railway company

SCI Verkehr supported a private railway transport company strategically and operatively in calculating and devising a proposal for transport services in Germany. The aim was to submit an attractive, innovative and inexpensive offer for the railway sector which would allow the client to compete successfully for the transport contract and ensure sustainable economic success and customer satisfaction. SCI Verkehr carried out the conceptional, technical and editorial planning as well as operative and organizational support.

Target screening rolling stock leasing

Customer: Investment funds

SCI Verkehr analyses the European rolling stock leasing market in the context of a possible investment before a due diligence. Focus is put on markets for locomotives and for passenger transport. SCI Verkehr performs a target screening and identifies the most attractive national markets.

Market Analyses Examples

Fleet and project data base

Customer: International technology group

On behalf of a technology group, SCI Verkehr is creating a fleet and project data base. It will be programmed in SQL and includes all existing fleets and new rolling stock construction projects. Furthermore, awarded as well as planned new building projects will be listed. The customer will utilise this fleet and project data base for assessing its sales potential as well as its aftermarket sector.

Workshop on public procurement strategies for PTA

Customer: Financier

SCI Verkehr conducted a workshop with a financier on the award strategies of public transport authorities in regional passenger transport. The topics covered were new vehicle procurement, vehicle financing, concept and quality rating as well as the effects of the Abellio crisis on the future strategies of the regional rail transport authorities in Germany.

Analysis world market pantographs

Customer: Component manufacturer

On behalf of a globally active component manufacturer, SCI Verkehr analyses the worldwide market for pantographs (as rolling stock component). For this purpose, market size and development as well as competitive situation are examined in detail.

Asset Valuations Examples

Valuation of bulk freight wagons

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr developed a valuation of bulk freight wagons for operation in Europe.

Market and competition analysis of the European leasing market

Customer: Investment company

On behalf of an investment company, SCI Verkehr analysed market potentials and acquisition possibilities in the field of rolling stock leasing. The focus was on the analysis of demand and supply on major corridors as well as the competitive situation of manufacturers and leasing companies.

Asset evaluation heavy mainline diesel locomotives

Customer: International leasing company

On behalf of an active leasing company, SCI Verkehr assesses four heavy mainline diesel locomotives. Valuation was based on the income-based DCF method as well as a supply and demand analysis in France and the Iberian Peninsula.

Public Consulting Examples

North Rhine-Westphalia Railway Initiative

Customer: North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Transport, Energy and Regional Planning

Conception and organization of the North Rhine-Westphalia Railway Initiative between 2003 and 2005. In the second project phase starting in 2004, a founded analysis of qualification requirements of the rail transport economy is being conducted. The recruitment of young experts is also being encouraged, and a specialized science conference in North Rhine-Westphalia will be prepared and supported.

Economic survey logistics Hamburg

Customer: Logistics initiative Hamburg

Since 2009, SCI Verkehr GmbH has carried out an annual survey of the members of the logistics initiative group "Logistikinitiative Hamburg" regarding the economic development of the logistics market in Hamburg. The data collected is then compared with the SCI/Logistics Barometer and therefore put in a national context. In 2014, members were surveyed again. The results were presented as part of the initiative member´s meeting.

Model corridor Rotterdam - Genoa

Customer: Global player in the rail industry

The Rotterdam - Genoa axis is going to be developed into the first major European corridor to use ETCS/ERTMS. SCI Verkehr assisted a leading industrial company in developing the research project for testing ETCS/ERTMS. We analysed the assistance criteria and evaluated them for the concrete project concept, we identified and brought in project partners, compiled the necessary application documents and accompanying documents in cooperation with the client and ensured communication with funding institutions.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Assessment of maintenance capacities in North Rhine-Westphalia

Customer: Medium-sized transport company and vehicle maintenance provider

A medium-sized transport company is looking to assess developments in the short-distance passenger transport market and their consequences for maintenance in North Rhine-Westphalia. The following targets are of paramount importance: 1) analysis and assessment of basic conditions of the short-distance passenger transport market; 2) processing market developments in the short-distance passenger transport market; 3) deduction of demand potential for maintenance work. With the available survey, SCI Verkehr GmbH is compiling the basis for these assessments in June 2006.

Profitability audit LRV procurement

Customer: Transport authority

SCI Verkehr evaluated the economic feasibility of the selected bids for a transport authority in the context of a procurement of new light rail vehicles (LRV). To this end, SCI Verkehr evaluated the tender documents and carried out a price benchmark to determine market prices for LRV.

Economic assessment of automation potentials in rail operation

Customer: Rail operator

SCI Verkehr prepares a cost driver analysis for operational processes which is aimed at evaluating automation potentials in the context of feasibility assessment and, thus, at enabling an investment decision regarding the digitalisation of processes.

Process optimisations Examples

Support tram tender

Customer: Rolling stock manufacturer

SCI Verkehr supported an Asian manufacturer of rolling stock in a European tram tender process. This included an analysis of the tender documents and preparatory background talks as well as the recommendation of a suitable product and project strategy.

Organizational change of a nationwide logistics organisation

Customer: Global player of the beverage industry

A global player of the beverage industry wants to standardize the management structures of its German logistics centres and make them sustainable. In the course of an implementation project in two pilot regions in Germany, SCI Verkehr analysed the current organizational structure and executed the migration into a new, homogenous structure. All steps were undertaken in cooperation with all relevant management levels as well as employee representation. Following the project, this structure is to be transferred to the remaining five German regions.