Strategic business consulting for the railway and logistics industry

SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Due diligence support rolling stock portfolio

Customer: Bank

In the context of the acquisition of a large international rolling stock portfolio, SCI Verkehr supports a potential bidder in evaluating the portfolio and with regards to assessing potentials and risks of the transaction. For this purpose, documents taken from the data room were evaluated and worldwide vehicle markets were analysed.

Strategic approaches for the after-market business in components


SCI Verkehr analysed various KPIs for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and the overhaul and reconditioning of components for a supplier. For individual components and markets, a more in-depth analysis of the profitability of the segment was carried out, to derive strategic approaches for the design of the business field in Europe.

Potential of the leasing business in the European rail transport market

Customer: Asian conglomerate

On behalf of an Asian conglomerate SCI Verkehr is analysing the development of the rail transport markets in Eastern and Western Europe. The project focuses on identifying market potential in the leasing business and developing a market-entry strategy.

Market Analyses Examples

Analysis of the European inventories of a type of freight wagon and the market structure

Customer: Issuing house

In this project SCI Verkehr analysed the European inventories of a type of freight wagon and their trends. Furthermore, we made a detailed analysis of the ownership structures. The study presents the important market participants (lessors and lessees), purchase and leasing prices, used wagon prices and usage durations for the wagons.


Customer: various

The SCI/MARKET MONITORING was developed for the after-sales market and is offered as a separate tool to all customers who require information about maintenance contracts, refurbishment projects and revision tenders. Thus, SCI Verkehr offers a business outlook and competition monitoring of the after-sales market alongside the OEM business.

Market analysis of European freight transport corridors

Customer: Locomotive leasing company

On behalf of a locomotive leasing company, SCI Verkehr analysed various European freight transport corridors evaluating them with regard to the respective need for traction. The result of the analysis was an evaluation of which potentials are existing operating leasing locomotives on various corridors and which country packages are primarily needed.

Asset Valuations Examples

Value appraisal V100

Customer: Financial services company

When a rail construction company became insolvent, SCI Verkehr determined the asset value of a locomotive, and ascertained starting points for re-using the vehicle. Alongside the technical valuation of the vehicle, the study focused on the achievable sales revenue in the context of the market development.

Vehicle evaluation of European high-speed trains

Customer: German credit Institution

To estimate the risk of financing European high-speed trains with multi-system equipment, SCI Verkehr compiled a brief evaluation of the trains and the related transport markets.

Commercial and technical due diligence locomotive portfolio

Customer: Financier

On behalf of a financial investor, SCI Verkehr supports the company in the context of a due diligence process with regard to technical and commercial matters. This includes asset evaluation of an electro locomotive fleet for the European market, technical inspection of a representative part of the fleet as well as corresponding documentation.

Public Consulting Examples

Market Entry and support of a network of nine regional railways and a logistics service provider

Customer: Logistic company

The first step is based on a master plan developed by SCI Verkehr. The plan outlines how single vehicle transport could be developed in North Rhine-Westphalia by creating a Network Organisation for Railway Logistics (O.N.E. North Rhine-Westphalia). The publication and market positioning are agreed upon in close cooperation with the participants and are presented at the 2002 VDV Annual convention. They are accompanied by the production of necessary presentation documents, a brochure, a topic-specific mailing to decision makers in the region and potential cargo transport clients in North Rhine-Westphalia. A customer drop-in center for the coordination of these activities is opened.

Documentation of a sector conference

Customer: IG Metall

IG Metall commissioned SCI Verkehr to document the sector conference of works committee in the railway industry which took place in Berlin on 14th and 15th February 2006. Alongside documenting the presentations, SCI Verkehr also compiled the working group results as well as providing a summary of the contents of the speeches contributed. In addition, the sector conference was also photographed with the aim of compiling comprehensive conference documentation.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Evaluation business plan leasing company

Customer: Financial investor

SCI Verkehr critically examined the business plan of a leasing company in the run-up to a possible due diligence. The focus was on the evaluation of the current portfolio and the management\'s assumptions regarding growth potential. For this purpose, a benchmark of current and expected future leasing rates and the occupancy rate was also carried out.

Feasibility study for H2 buses

Customer: Transport authority

SCI Verkehr was commissioned by one of the largest German transport associations to conduct a feasibility study on "Infrastructural and operational requirements for the economic use of hydrogen-powered buses". In the process, the vehicle-technical, infrastructural and operational possibilities and future developments were evaluated. As a result, an experience project for the introduction of hydrogen-powered buses in regular operation was recommended and decided by the accompanying advisory board.

Process optimisations Examples

Support tram tender

Customer: Rolling stock manufacturer

SCI Verkehr supported an Asian manufacturer of rolling stock in a European tram tender process. This included an analysis of the tender documents and preparatory background talks as well as the recommendation of a suitable product and project strategy.

Restructuring logistical processes at a production site

Customer: Global player in the food industry

Our client took over a site previously operated by a service provider and at the beginning of 2008 integrated it into its network of sites across Germany. This integration included major changes to the processes and the IT system which had to be adapted to the requirements of the new owner. At the same time, the production and distribution volume increased substantially, as well as production exchange with other sites. These changes led to overworking and uncertainty among staff and consequently considerable deficits in the site?s performance. Within the scope of the "operational excellence" process, SCI Verkehr led and accompanied the modelling of new logistical processes with staff and company management. The consultancy process focused on using the existing employee know-how in order to achieve a higher level of acceptance for the necessary changes and thus a sustainable improvement of performance. Following SCI Verkehr?s ?Operational Excellence Tool?, the staff were involved in reviewing the current situation and developing improved processes in accordance with a tried and tested process. In addition, the task involved coaching the logistical managers at the site and thus cementing the new structures.