Strategic business consulting for the railway and logistics industry

SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Supporting a commercial due diligence in the field of information and security technology

Customer: Management consultancy

SCI supports a project partner with regards to specific questions in the context of a commercial due diligence on behalf of a financial investor. The target is a company globally active in passenger information technology.

Logistic cross-check of location closings

Customer: Global player in the beverage industry

In the course of the logistics reorganization of a global player in the beverage industry, the closure of three locations was decided. SCI Verkehr cross-checked the relevant logistics and economic assumptions and plans and thereby created an important basis for negotiations between the joint works council and the management regarding necessary redundancy programmes.

Strategic roadmap for an industrial service provider

Customer: DAX company

On behalf of a DAX company, SCI Verkehr analysed successful growth areas for the company and used these to compile a strategic roadmap for future development. For this purpose we carried out a portfolio analysis of the existing business segments, identified attractive growth areas and made recommendations of suitable targets and courses of action.

Market Analyses Examples

Fleet and project data base

Customer: International technology group

On behalf of a technology group, SCI Verkehr is creating a fleet and project data base. It will be programmed in SQL and includes all existing fleets and new rolling stock construction projects. Furthermore, awarded as well as planned new building projects will be listed. The customer will utilise this fleet and project data base for assessing its sales potential as well as its aftermarket sector.

Market analysis of freight transport and logistics

Customer: Freight wagon leasing company

In this project, the flow of European goods from important companies in five selected sectors were analysed in terms of sources, destinations, volumes and types of goods. A customer analysis regarding the transport process and transport demands was also carried out. Prognoses concerning market developments in specific sectors of rail freight transport were then compiled and, on the basis of the flow of transport, new potential customers for railway transport were identified.

Price analysis electrical locomotives in the CIS

Customer: Manufacturer of rail vehicles

On behalf of a globally active manufacturer of rail vehicles, SCI Verkehr analysed current market prices of 1,520 mm gauge electrical locomotives. For this, various performance parameters and their influence on the price were taken into account.

Asset Valuations Examples

Asset valuation of modern electric multiple units for German regional passenger rail services

Customer: Leasing company

On behalf of a leasing company, SCI Verkehr evaluated modern electric multiple units (EMU) to be operated on German regional passenger rail services. The project included a valuation in accordance with the DRC approach as well as an analysis of possibilities for re-use of the vehicles.

Vehicle evaluation locomotives and freight wagons

Customer: Railway undertaking

SCI Verkehr valued a fleet of locomotives and freight wagons according to the different valuation approaches market value and liquidation value using the cost-based valuation method.

Asset valuation of a diesel locomotive portfolio

Customer: International financing company

On behalf of an international financing company, SCI Verkehr analysed the current value of a diesel locomotive portfolio using the capitalised earnings method. SCI Verkehr analysed the current and expected lease rates and new vehicle prices, as well as costs for maintenance and general inspection.

Public Consulting Examples

Cost/Benefit analysis of interoperability

Customer: European Union

SCI Verkehr will carry out a cost-benefit analysis for the EU to evaluate the economic effects of interoperability guidelines for conventional transport. In particular, the consequences of interoperability for the railway industry will be identified and evaluated in cooperation with the AEIF.

Specialist lecture on developments in the railway industry

Customer: Business development agency

SCI Verkehr speaks to selected participants from the rail industry in Brandenburg about development prospects of the global railway industry and their significance for the rail transport centre Brandenburg.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Ongoing strategic advice to a logistics service provider on the development of rail products

Customer: Logistics Group

On the basis of its own preliminary studies, SCI Verkehr, together with partners, is supporting a globally active logistics group in the development of its own rail strategy. The activities take place within the framework of the implementation of the group's CO2 targets. Internal quantities are analysed and concrete strategic approaches to shifting are developed.

Comparison of prices and performance in the maintenance of freight wagons

Customer: Operator

Comparison of prices, services and throughput times of selected providers of freight wagon maintenance in Germany.

Feasibility study for the creation of a logistics competence center (InLog) in the eastern Ruhr district

Customer: Hamm Society for the Promotion of Economic Development

In the context of the eastern Ruhr district?s ?Initiatve Logistik,? the Hamm, Unna and Dortmund Societies for the Promotion of Economic Development are planning a model project for the development of a logistics competence center called ?InLog.? Within this competence center, the service areas of companies interested in settling in the area would be combined. A feasibility study outlined company services in concrete terms and examined inter-community hosting possibilities as and well as potential private sector participation. In addition, the study determined sensible legal- and corporate models, including a cost estimate and funding possibilities. It also proposed a master plan for the realisation of the project.

Process optimisations Examples

Process optimisation at a logistics site

Customer: Global player in the food industry

A central production and logistics site of our client showed ongoing logistical deficits: long waiting and processing times for lorries and out-of stock situations affected the performance of the site. At the same time, the client intended to integrate a smaller site from the local area, in order to raise the performance of the site concerned. SCI Verkehr was commissioned by the company management to analyse the main hurdles for a better performance of the site, present ways for improvement and, in cooperation with the company, implement the required measures. The main aim was to accelerate processing times. For this purpose it was necessary to remodel the logistical processes, together with staff on site. As part of an "operational excellence process", the consultancy and support from SCI Verkehr largely aimed towards activating employee expertise at the site. In this way, the upcoming changes in staffing were communicated and established, enabling sustainable optimisation of processes.

Support in restructuring process in rail freight transport

Customer: Market-leading freight transport company

Against the background of the global economic and financial crisis, a short-term need for a reaction and restructuring arose for a leading company in the freight transport sector. SCI Verkehr GmbH supported the client as a professional expert in close consultation with management. We reviewed the measures developed, compiled alternative scenarios and provided professional support in the negotiations.