Strategic business consulting for the railway and logistics industry

SCI Verkehr is a medium-sized, sustainability-oriented consultancy focussing on strategic issues in the international rail and logistics business. We support our business partners in optimising their processes and evaluating their assets. We help to analyse markets and develop sustainable and tailor-made strategies for the future. This includes, among other things: Accompanying M&A activities, realising climate targets, optimising the portfolio or existing processes, and opening up new markets and business areas.

Strategic Management Consultancy Examples

Support in identifying targets in the German rail industry

Customer: Private equity company

On behalf of a private equity company, SCI Verkehr identified market segments in the railway industry with high growth potential. In addition, SCI Verkehr assessed the potential for a private equity share and supported the client in the acquisition process.

Market potential study for innovative locomotive design

Customer: European Operator

On behalf of a customer, SCI Verkehr evaluated the market potential for an innovative locomotive design. Potential users were asked about their needs, and the substitution potential for existing fleet segments was analysed.

Periodic Market Monitoring

Customer: Financial service provider

SCI Verkehr supported a financial service provider with a regular high-level monitoring report on the European rolling stock market. In the scope of the project, SCI Verkehr provided a report on a quarterly basis including the most important events with a focus on railway operators, manufacturers and leasing companies.

Market Analyses Examples

Entry of signalling systems form a railway technology company in the German market

Customer: Rail Technology manufacturer

Market and competition analysis, evaluation of market entry barriers and recommendation of an action strategy (has been implemented by SCI recommendation for the most part)

Preparation for a maintenance strategy of rail vehicle components

Customer: Component manufacturer

On behalf of a component manufacturer, SCI Verkehr investigated the sales potential as well as the competitive landscape in the market for the maintenance of certain rail vehicle components in selected countries in Europe, North America and Australia. Initial recommendations for strategic planning for the client were derived from the market and competition analysis. In a further phase, a concrete strategy was developed together with the client.

Market Analysis of High-Speed Rail Potential in Europe

Customer: Vehicle manufacturer

On behalf of a vehicle manufacturer, SCI Verkehr investigated the potential for high-speed transport in Europe and - as a result - the sales of vehicles in this segment. In addition to considering the (increasing) competition between suppliers, a benchmark of products and the analysis of future sales and service potential was also carried out.

Asset Valuations Examples

Price and margin analysis of Eastern European locomotive manufacturers 1996?2008

Customer: Slovakian industrial company

For a potential court procedure the client required an expert appraisal to determine the profits lost from non-realised contractual relationships. For this purpose, SCI Verkehr identified and analysed the prices and margins of comparable products and projects. The objective was to make an estimate based on the researched data of the profits lost by the client under standard market conditions.

Portfolio assessment for refinancing

Customer: Rolling stock lessor

In the context of a refinance, SCI Verkehr assesses the market value of a large European rolling stock portfolio. Assessment is conducted by means of the income-based DCF method and comprises detailed descriptions of the portfolio´s competitive position and of the supply and demand side.

Update of a due diligence report due to macroeconomic changes

Customer: Transport company

SCI Transport updated a Commercial Due Diligence report from January 2022 due to macroeconomic changes in Europe. New assumptions for a new business plan are being reviewed.

Public Consulting Examples

Logistics Park Spich/Troisdorf

Customer: Society for the promotion of economic development

The aim of the consulting activities is the development of a multi-industry target client analysis for a planned logistics park in North Rhine-Westphalia. The preparation of location marketing activities is also part of the goal. The main focus of our services is to develop market knowledge about the target industries. Relevant actors and potential companies within the identified industries will be ascertained. These will be primary contact persons for location marketing.

Quality standards in regional passenger transport

Customer: Transport association

SCI Verkehr supported a transport association in the development of a guideline for quality standards in public transport. For this purpose, legal requirements, local transport plans and other literature sources were evaluated. In addition, SCI Verkehr worked with the transport association to develop an attractive, public presentation of the quality standards.

Profitability Analyses Examples

Performance comparison of selected European railway companies

Customer: European railway company

As a result of new EU regulations, the European state railways have seen some very extensive reforms since the beginning of the 90s. The objectives of these reforms were to improve transport services and the quality of rail transport and to reduce the strain on public budgets. On behalf of a European state railway, SCI Verkehr analysed the track records and development of selected state railways with regard to these objectives. SCI Verkehr made the comparison drawing upon specific key figures, with the help of which we assessed the objectives listed.

Market value analysis freight wagons

Customer: Freight wagon manufacturer

SCI Verkehr advised a manufacturer of innovative freight wagons on the acquisition of financing models with the analysis of potential market value trends.

Process optimisations Examples

Restructuring of workshop flows

Customer: Global player in the food industry

When centralising three workshops into one new site, our client had not implemented an active change management strategy. The processes and areas of work taken over from the old locations led to a significant drop in output at the new site. First of all, SCI Verkehr analysed and documented the existing workflows in a task force including management and the works council. At the same time, the team from SCI Verkehr identified and initiated necessary changes and oversaw the implementation on site. The aim of the project was to introduce staff to the new conditions in order to establish the adapted working areas and processes for the long term.

Future workshop logistics

Customer: Global player in the food industry

The works committee and logistics management of a global player in the food industry intended to initiate an open dialogue about the future optimisation of logistical processes with external support. By conducting talks with both sides, SCI Verkehr prepared the dialogue, hosted the meetings of a joint working group and provided specialist input with the aim of developing a common perception of the logistical future of the company.

Improvement of logistics processes at a site in Baden-Württemberg

Customer: Global player in the beverage industry

A global player in the beverage industry is looking to optimise its logistics processes at a combined production and logistics site in Baden-Württemberg. SCI Verkehr was commissioned to re-work storage processes and logistics interfaces with other divisions such as production, distribution and sales in a collaboration with the management, works committee and employees, and to document the results afterwards.