The Railway Market in South and Central America 2016

With its Multi Client Study, SCI Verkehr is responding to the current demand for information on the present situation of this regional market for railway products and its players. The aim is to make available a reference work that provides comprehensive information about key players active in railway market in South and Central America, covering development for railway products and rail transport demand. SCI Verkehr has already compiled two MultiClient Studies on this topic. The South and Central American market for railway product has recently reached a peak due to the implementation of numerous projects. The recent peak, associated with political challenges and economic deceleration in the region, will reduce the market in the medium term.

In concrete terms, this MultiClient Study includes:

  • A comprehensive overview of the South and Central American market for railway products, including current situation, major trends and key players
  • An analysis and benchmark of the most important products of the infrastructure and rolling stock segments
  • For the rolling stock segments, it also includes installed base, age structure and a list of the most important acquisition projects
  • Analysis of the transport market in the region segmented by freight, passenger and urban rail, including development of basic parameters (rail performance, GDP, rail infrastructure), evaluation of the market drivers and outlook for the medium and long term
  • Detailed analysis at the country level for 12 countries, including current rail network and rolling stock, main players and future development
  • Information and analysis on the main players of the region, segmented by product type (industry) and service type (operators)

The Railway Market in South and Central America 2016

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