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WLAN Anwendungen in Personenzügen - derzeitige Projekte und globale Entwicklungen 2010

For the current study in the new series of SCI Compactstudies we look at the digital traveller and how railway operators around the world meet the new requierements these customers pose by implementing Wi-Fi applications in their passenger trains.  

In the last years, passenger railway travel has been facing not only increased transport volumes, operative costs and safety awareness. Changing communication and information patterns from the generation of the digital traveller lead to additional new passenger requirements concerning effective usage of travel. Railway operators are increasingly driven to offer on-board Wi-Fi solutions. Especially real-time applications (i.e. Internet, CCTV, current information on timetable and connections, ticketing/payment feature, etc.) will become considerably sought after.

With precisely and professionally analysed and evaluated information concerning current plans, investment budgets and future demand for rail-related products, SCI Verkehr delivers an objective contribution to the discussion surrounding the "future market” for railway Wi-Fi applications.

We detail this topic by

  • identifying the current and future passenger transport market
  • gathering general information regarding customer requirements
  • profiling current technology suppliers
  • detailling current and future known projects regarding Wi-Fi railway applications
  • supplying a first estimate for future market volumes.

This Compact Study is based on information collected from multiple (official and unofficial) sources that have been consolidated, rationalised and interpreted using SCI Verkehr’s unique data sources and expertise gained during 16 years of serving the railway industry.

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