Based on these and other current developments in rail transport, this study delivers an analysis and a sound assessment of the market for DMUs and EMUs. [more...]

Railway market

How do you tell a good from a lousy consultant? This question is a vital one when looking for consulting in the railway market or any other business.

A dynamic line into the future of the railway market

The lousy consultant will tell his client what they’ve been doing wrong all this time and what they should do to fix things, show them a bunch of charts, crunch some fancy-looking numbers and make a quick exit, safe in the knowledge that he's rescued another incompetent customer from the brink of extinction.

The good consultant will listen to her client and try to understand their situation, needs and objectives. She'll sit down with them and formulate a coherent strategy that fits within their game plan for the railway market. She'll work alongside them and adapt their strategy in line with changes, safe in the knowledge that she's helping fulfil their potential and reach their goals.

At SCI Verkehr, we believe passionately in doing our best to enable our clients to be their best. At times, that means stepping in to help our clients change direction and adopt a new strategy in the railway market. At other times, it means throwing in some ideas and stepping out of the way as our clients charge full speed ahead.

There's a steam engine running at full throttle!

We are the fuel that powers our clients' locomotives. Our clients are free to use our services in whatever manner and quantity they want or need. In a fast-changing world of shifting terrains, it's good to know that there are places where timeless values such as respect, honesty and transparency still carry the day. We are the dynamic line that runs through the railway market and carries our clients safely to their destination.

SCI Verkehr: customised consulting for the railway market. The client always comes first.

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