Based on these and other current developments in rail transport, this study delivers an analysis and a sound assessment of the market for DMUs and EMUs. [more...]

Rail market

As any experienced traveller knows, getting there is half the fun. As any project manager knows, getting there is all that counts. They are the same thing.

SCI Verkehr – for a smooth journey in the railway industry

At SCI Verkehr, we understand the ins and outs of the rail market and its challenges. We know that things rarely go according to plan. That's why the plan needs to be smart and flexible enough to adapt to unforeseen changes in circumstances, timing, budget, politics and other factors. We pride ourselves on being able to translate our detailed knowledge of and depth of experience in the rail market into a custom-built strategy that slots neatly into our clients' business model. What works for one client may not work for another. Different contexts require different angles. Yet one thing remains constant throughout: our focus in finding what works for each individual client and project in the rail market.

Laying a strong foundation

If history, good sense and our own experience in the rail market have taught us anything, it's that success is built on strong foundations. This principle is clearly illustrated in the transport sector in general and the rail market in particular. Just as poorly laid tracks result in disaster, so too does a poorly grounded strategy result in abject failure. Good things take time to take root, grow and bear fruit. At SCI Verkehr, we don't make any promises we can't keep. Our clients can therefore be sure of one thing: we will provide them with the sure and solid grounding they need to advance their aims and achieve their goals in the rail market. Our reputation depends on it.

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