SCI/RAILINDEX - Quarter II / 2017

Mood of the global railway industry recovers - perception of challenges implies structural change in the railway industry

The business climate amongst the leading companies of the global railway industry has significantly improved. This is shown in the most recent SCI RAIL BUSINESS INDEX – a periodical survey among the global railway industry’s top managers by the consultancy firm SCI Verkehr. At the end of the second quarter in 2017, the current business situation has been assessed distinctively more optimistic than in the previous quarters. In line with this more positive assessment, the evaluation of the demand for products and services has jumped in balance from -6% to a value of 14%. In addition, in saldo, 27% of the polled managers anticipate a more favourable development in the upcoming six months. Despite this optimistic outlook, the global railway industry has to cope with a number of key challenges, giving new impulses on the one hand, and changing established structures on the other hand.

SCI Global Rail Index II/2017 (PDF-File, 261 KB)

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