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Worldwide Rolling Stock Manufacturers 2016

SCI Verkehr presents the current product and service range of around 180 rolling stock manufacturers and also offers company figures and information about the current and future orientation of the world leaders in the manufacture of rolling stock in this MultiClient study. Furthermore, the study shows their production sites in detail, analysed by regional distribution and capacities.

“Worldwide Rolling Stock Manufacturers” analyses and explains the market along the revenues with new rolling stock. Previously to the publication of this study, SCI Verkehr surveyed the 50 largest manufacturers of rolling stock.

In concrete terms, this MultiClient Study includes:

  • Worldwide trends and market volumes in the rolling stock industry
  • Analysis of the production sites by product segment and production capacities
  • Manufacturer analysis by regional presence, products and profitability
  • Detailed profiles of the 50 most important rolling stock manufacturers worldwide, including corporate key figures, product and service range as well as information on current and prospective strategy
  • Contact addresses and basic information on all 300 rolling stock manufacturing sites worldwide in the annex to the study
All input data used for these assessments has been summarized in corporate fact sheets; they have been sent to the respective market players for discussion and revaluation and can be found in the study’s and easily used for further detailed analysis.

The the study is available in English from October 2016.
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