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Multiple Units - Global Market Trends 2016

Based on current developments in rail transport, the present study delivers an analysis and sound estimate of the market for diesel as well as electric multiple units. Based on the successful preceding study from 2013 and experience gained from more than 2 000 projects in the field of railway technology in the past few years, SCI Verkehr has verified the central input data. We have reviewed and updated all chapters of the preceding study.

In concrete terms, this MultiClient Study includes:
  • A glance at the worldwide market for multiple units for regional and commuter transport differentiated by region, including an in-depth analysis of the most important national markets
  • A comprehensive analysis of the current fleet stocks concerning operational purposes, quantities and age structures as well as future procurement potential
  • An overview of the most important drivers behind the procurement and refurbishment
  • Analysis of market shares of manufacturers as well as a forecast of the vehicle demand
  • Overview of the manufacturers of regional and local transport multiple units including a brief description of the current range of products and services
  • A condensed presentation of the most important fleet-specific features of multiple units for regional and local transport in the form of diagrams
  • A list of operators’ rolling stock fleets and the current procurements of regional and local transport multiple units in the annexe to the study
All in all, the study provides a well-founded analysis of the worldwide market for regional and commuter multiple units. The study therefore provides both companies established in the railway industry as well as active and potential operators with important information for operational and strategic planning.

The study is available in English as from February 2016.

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