Based on these and other current developments in rail transport, this study delivers an analysis and a sound assessment of the market for DMUs and EMUs. [more...]

Market rail

Every industry has characteristics, challenges, opportunities. It is no different with the rail market– it requires insights that don't come with an MBA.

Sending the right signals in the right directions

Consultants come in all shapes and sizes. Very often, none of them fit the needs and objectives of the companies they are meant to advise. Pre-packaged solutions and canned presentations are widespread. Mediocrity is rampant. This is one trend we're only too happy to buck. There's no substitute for experience. Having tried – and failed – means knowing what works and what doesn't, and being able to share that acumen with clients in the market for rail networks and infrastructure. SCI Verkehr boasts a team of proven professionals in their field; men and women who can share their practical knowledge and expertise in both the transport market and the rail sector in clear and concise terms.

Getting rid of the box

At SCI Verkehr, we don't just think outside the box: we've gotten rid of the box altogether. Whether we're advising an established client or tackling a new venture in the transport market and rail sector, we discard our assumptions and approach every project with a fresh perspective and an open mind.

Many companies view their clients as their greatest asset. But an asset is something you own and use and dispose of. We view our clients as our partners and co-pilots, as our associates on an equal footing. Because we know that we're nothing without them.

It's really quite simple: we adapt to meet the needs and structures of our clients in the transportation market and rail industry and add value to their business, not the other way around. After all, isn't that what consulting was always meant to be?

Send the right signals with SCI Verkehr, your partner for all transport market and rail network projects.

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