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Railway Infrastructure - Current Global Market Trends and Prospects

In the opening lecture of the event Rencontres Internationales Techniques et Innovatives (RITI) on the 5th of  December 2016, SCI Verkehr GmbH presents the results of its latest forecast as well as trends, prospects and tasks in the field of rail infrastructure. [Download]

Worldwide Market for Railway Industries 2016

In time for the InnoTrans 2016 SCI Verkehr publishes the eighth edition of the succesfull MC study series on the Worldwide Market of Railway Industries. You can find some of the results here: [Download]

Outlook European Railways - More threats than opportunities?

Various issues are challenging railway's current and future positions. SCI Verkehr presents at the International Railway Summit 2016 what can bring the rail industry on the right track. [Download]

An outlook of the future of the european rolling stock manufacturing market

SCI Verkehr provides insights on the future of the European rolling stock manufacturing market as part of the SmartRail Europe conference in Amsterdam. [Download]

Worldwide Market for Railway Industries (Presentation)

In time for the InnoTrans 2014 SCI is publishing the seventh edition of the succesfull MC study series on the Worldwide Market of Railway Industries. [Download]

Chinese Rolling Stock for European Customers

Chinese OEMS CNR and CSR are the largest Rolling Stock Manufacturers in the world. The declining domestic demand will increase the international competition. Will the Chinese compete in European tenders in the future.


Railways in Africa: From the edge to the centre of market dynamics – and from poverty to wealth?

Over decades, Africa has been at the edge of railway developments and railway markets. Political instability, poverty, misgovernment and widespread international indifference marked the framework of economic stagnation and infrastructural decline in the area.



In time for InnoTrans 2012, SCI Verkehr will publish the sixth edition in its successful series of studies on the worldwide market for railway technology.[Download]

The Chinese Railway Market – Still the most dynamic market for railway technology in the future?

In its latest study, “The Chinese Railway Market”, SCI Verkehr analyses facts, trends and opportunities in one of the most interesting countries regarding railway technology in the world.

The following article has been published in the magazine Eisenbahntechnischen Rundschau (ETR). [Download]

Electric Locmotive Market Primed For Growth

Product innovation and fleet refurbishments drive worldwide demand for electric locomotives into a solid growth phase.

The article has been published in March in the International Railway Journal.[Download]

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