Based on these and other current developments in rail transport, this study delivers an analysis and a sound assessment of the market for DMUs and EMUs. [more...]

Consulting rail

Any project, whether big or small, comes about through the interaction and cooperation of experts in their field. The railway industry is a case in point.

Consulting on rail: Full steam ahead into a successful future

Just as Rome, the great Roman highways and the aqueducts weren't built in a day, so it takes time and careful planning to bring a railway project to successful completion. At SCI Verkehr, we see ourselves as your key ally – or key alloy – in consulting on rail projects. Think of us as the iron in your steel. Whether you're in the pre-planning, planning, drafting, implementation or post-implementation phase, we are your partner when it comes to consulting on rail. We can help you define, achieve and optimise your objectives. If the railroad industry were condensed into a single atom, we would sit in the nucleus, at the heart of consulting for rail and giving tailor-made advice. No project or client is too big or too small to warrant our attention and expertise.

There when you need us

We like the word 'custom'. Custom-ise, custom-built, custom-made. In other words, it all revolves around you, our custom-er. In our never-ending efforts to develop the product best suited to your needs, we cover every painstaking detail, strip away unnecessary clutter, purge our thinking of information overload, and present you with a smart, streamlined and simple solution made just for you. Because we understand that every client is as unique as we are, and faces distinct challenges requiring special insights.

Consulting and rail is in our DNA. We can't help but do our best to help you be your best. It's who we are. We're there when you need us.

Go full steam ahead with SCI Verkehr. Your key ally for consulting on rail and transport projects.

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